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12 ways to beat algorithms on social media

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12 ways to beat algorithms on social media

When a business, large or small, notices a decline in their website traffic, their first instinct is likely to hit the panic button. Before this, you must first calm down, it is important to investigate the root cause and then respond accordingly. If like us, you live in 2018, and if like many you had bet high on social networks and little for content on site, it is possible that you are experiencing this … How to beat the algorithms in social networks?The changes in the Facebook algorithm , in the algorithm of Instagram 2018 and in general in all social networks, are focusing on three things:

You must find out what your consumers want and how you can make their wishes and convictions fit your practices. Your brand will probably be questioned for its customer service and you insist on Partners Email Lists communicating campaigns where you talk about innovation, to cite one example.Listen to them, answer them, interact, give them what they ask for and that will naturally increase conversations and engagement, naturally beating the algorithm and opening your reach.In this example , they are yelling at La Comer for good customer service and they don’t even answer. The result? They lost a customer and Superama has a new one.

Monitor the most common questions and suggestions from people in your industry. In this way, you will be able to know what they value the most and then generate content that encourages interactions.Take advantage of social media to study what your target audience is discussing and what type of content they are sharing the most. If you have some money you can support yourself with BuzzSumo, which is excellent to see what is shared the most on social media; And if not, Facebook groups on topics in your industry are also great for questions and problems.In addition to being able to respond in conversations, you can get a lot of data on what topics to create content to generate audience response.

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Through surveys and polls you show that you are interested in knowing what your audience wants. Asking them for feedback is a good tool for building an effective marketing strategy. Do not only Doctors Email List ask about your brand or products, also ask about your site, your service, your content, even the trends in general in your industry.As if that were not enough, when publishing a survey or question, interaction increases, which is what algorithms reward.Promote the active participation of your consumers. Give them the opportunity to contribute in some other way.

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