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15 mkt and digital communication tips in 2021

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15 mkt and digital communication tips in 2021

What advice on digital marketing and / or communication in 2021 would be the best you could offer? Michelle Garrett did this short survey of prominent marketing, PR, and communications professionals.The result is an extraordinary compendium of tips to analyze for this coming year. Shall we start?2021 is almost certain to be a big reset France Mobile Number Database for human behavior in advanced economies. If the news is correct, vaccine distribution will begin at the beginning of the year and begin to return economic and interpersonal activity to 2019 levels. Important elections and political cycles in the West are also down, so the Political / news media consumption will decline as other sources take its place. As such, the best advice I can give marketers is to reinvest in knowing your audiences. Your habits are going to change in 2021,

probably substantially.My advice would be to start the year with an independent audit of all your digital channels and make your plan for the year around this. Have you ever heard the expression that you can’t see the forest for the trees? Our heads are so buried in our own business that it is very difficult for us to see even the obvious problems.Remember to align your values ​​and purpose with your brand equity; use it as your guiding force in engaging with consumers. If you are here to make people smile, have fun and be funny. If you are a collaborating brand, show empathy. Hopefully, 2021 will be a rebound from what was a disastrous 2020 for so many people and businesses.Write an article that helps you sell, something you can send to potential customers after a sales call, something you can send to leads and stagnant opportunities, something your contact can share with other decision makers.Too many content marketers focus on the top of the marketing funnel. But it is not too late to use content that helps close some deals.Heading into 2021, all brands must start investing in their brand purpose . The time has passed for brands to publish statements that they do not follow up on and do not produce a measurable impact.

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We saw various brands engage in racial and social justice movements this year, and consumers will continue to push for it in 2021. Beyond posting a black square on Instagram to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter, brands should invest in the talent of women. minorities, establish scalable partnerships and Doctors Email List diversify your ecosystem of stakeholders.2020 threw us a lot of curves, so the key to content marketing success in 2021 will be flexibility. As you think about the content you want to create and the stories you want to tell, keep in mind that you may need to change the format depending on how our current reality evolves, or not.What you thought would be a great e-book may end up needing to be a live video. What you thought would be a great live video may end up needing to be an infographic.

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