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20 ways to create brand equity

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20 ways to create brand equity

The value that the audience perceives of your brand is what determines if when they see your content or ads on Facebook or Google, they will bother to click or simply ignore you. In case you’re not getting the traffic, leads, or conversions you want, you probably need to know how to create brand equity.If I could give you just one piece of advice to improve your digital marketing , it wouldn’t be learning Google or Facebook ads, or even creating content… before that it would be “creating brand equity”.If a user sees your ads but for him you are a completely “X” brand, it will be much more difficult than clicking on them; That is why it is important that you know how to build brand equity, even before launching into the digital jungle or simultaneously.

You can watch this short video where we explain the above in detail and later we give you 20 ways to create brand value.Value is the importance of your products and services in the minds of customers. The General Manager Email Lists value is also highly influenced by the consideration that customers have of a brand.A brand builds and elevates its value through different dimensions. Many of them are built offline but you can also create them online. Here we leave you a list of 20 dimensions to create brand value.What brand uses it? Real skateboards. Probably neither you nor I know them but they have almost 600 thousand followers on Instagram and they send skateboards all over the world; some as artistic as this one.What brand uses it? Pantone. These backpacks could be common but for a designer they are an object of desire because the brand has managed to build identity with its target group.

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Products that give the customer a sense of accomplishment. In some cases, this is the opposite of convenience.Example: a customer may get a sense of accomplishment by assembling furniture in such a way that they end up valuing the product more.
What brand uses it? IKEA. They even mark it like that on their Doctors Email List Facebook … as a ‘gift’ that you give to your little ones!Products that increase the customer’s sense of well-being.Example: a hotel to really ‘live’ the experience of staying there.What brand uses it? Marriot Marquis NY . Just look at their Facebook … and no longer say, the experience of staying with them. Social networks are full of check in at this hotel.

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