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27 logos with hidden meanings that will make you look twice

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27 logos with hidden meanings that will make you look twice

Your logo is your hardestworking brand asset. It’s your public face, tasked with showing and telling the world who you are, what you do and whom you’re for. That’s a lot to fit into one image, so clever designers often use “secret compartments” to communicate everything—and create mesmerizing logos with hidden meanings. Below, we’ve gathered some great logos with hidden meanings to show you the different ways to turn a seemingly straightforward logo into the visual equivalent of a hollowedout book that contains a treasure map.

Make sure you look twice, because sometimes your first glance doesn’t tell the whole story. Why you’d want a logo with a hidden meaning — let’s be real here, logos with hidden images just look cool and sometimes, that cool factor is all you need to decide a logo with a hidden meaning is the way to go.


Why you’d want a logo with a hidden meaning

But that’s not the only reason brands choose these photo retouching service kinds of logos. Some use hidden messages within their logos to create an air of exclusivity. Finding the hidden image makes viewers feel like they’ve unlocked something that not everybody can find, which makes them part of the brand’s “incrowd.” for other brands like baskin robbins, layering multiple images is the smart way to fit extra information, even subtly. Pink and blue baskin robbins logo how many flavors does baskin robbins serve look at the logo and find out.

Via baskin robbins similarly, some brands use logos with hidden meanings to tie distinct areas of their businesses together. In their design for eats and beats, alya cleverly combines a plate cover with piano keys to show how the company combines good food and good music.

photo retouching service

Logos with hidden meanings (that aren’t so hidden anymore)

Black and white image showing a plate cover Doctors Email List and piano keys how do you fit food and music into one logo like this. Logo design by alya for logos that play so heavily on visuals, it’s better for you to see what we mean with your own eyes. Let’s take a look at the different types of logos with hidden meaning. Logos with subliminal messages — you’re probably familiar with the concept of subliminal messages, which advertisers and, according to scifi movies, governments and nefarious characters work into images and jingles to relay messages to viewers’ unconscious minds.

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