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3 current marketing problems

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3 current marketing problems

Our brand does this to help, not for marketing…! The first time I heard this phrase, it seemed understandable … however, subsequent occasions I must confess that I was outraged. Why can marketing sometimes be seen as offensive?The answer is simple … for years, marketers have made marketing an activity focused solely on selling … at any price. In fact, the most popular definitions of marketing always talk about sales … and in light of today’s reality, this is an outdated view.Marketing today involves solving problems through the generation of products and services that transform the reality of a specific group … and ideally, that also have a positive impact on most of the brand’s stakeholders .But let’s stop with definitions … and let’s go to the 3 problems of current marketing.The first problem is that many marketers continue to do this anachronistic marketing and only think about sales … and that is a very myopic vision of the discipline, in South Korea Phone Number List addition to perpetuating its bad reputation.When Starbucks searches for coffee growers around the world and buys them coffee at the right price and then sells it in spaces that people love and are sometimes even served by seniors … it’s marketing!When Needed offers a live open class every week, with the leaders of the digital transformation, completely free of charge, thus gathering leads… it’s marketing!From the obsolete vision of marketing comes the second of the problems of current marketing … marketers have chosen to want only results; actually processes have stopped mattering. We want destiny … but we don’t want to walk the path, much less understand it.

Let’s think of those gurus that abound on the web, some of them quite successful, offering instant marketing tips . (Its success is that all of its readers want the easy, not the hard work.)It is not uncommon to see titles like 12 SEO tricks to double your traffic or 7 secrets to get thousands of followers on Instagram …Let’s put aside that most of these tactics don’t work and think… Why do we as brands want more traffic? Why should we have more followers?As brands, as marketers, we have stopped asking those questions. We want the result. The process already seems irrelevant to us.We have forgotten that traffic should be a consequence of great content that is useful to our audience. Traffic is not the end. Helping and inspiring our audience should be. But we have forgotten that … it doesn’t really matter … we just want the clicks and views … because that’s what should go into the report.

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And with social networks the exact same thing happens. Why do we want more followers? More likes? More comments? More shares? The answer is because the environment has told us that Doctors Email List this is what is worth … and it is false. The followers, the fans and all the engagement should be the consequence of delivering wildly different content … not of tricks to trick the audience.Finally, the third of the current marketing problems is that we do not want to change … and we continue to sell the previous visions as agencies, and look for that as brands. It is easier to pay… than to work.We pay for reach, for views, for reactions, for clicks, for conversions. We no longer worry about creating better content … because in any case, by putting a few dollars in it, we will make sure to invade the screen of as many users as we want.c

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