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3 factors that remind you of what a Community Manager should be

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3 factors that remind you of what a Community Manager should be

Sometimes the role of the Community Manager is taken lightly and the truth is that their work is increasingly important in the marketing area. Santiago, Chile.- After a year off the slopes, they ask me to be the Community Manager of a magnificent music band. Mine will not only be social networks, but also representation. I have little time, but the idea tempts Peru Mobile Database me and I return to the taste of the role. The anxiety of the beginning takes everything away and in seconds I find myself making a Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud account. Total joy, so I think about what it takes to be a good Community Manager, again.

More related notes: What Community Managers and Brands Need to Know About the New Snapchat Update. When Community Managers want to be funny and they fail. The Comex Paints case Cuidado con Los Community Managers “patio”. Yes, because taking care of social networks a company is taking care of its image and, to a certain extent, being the person responsible for its success or failure in front of the public. There is no doubt that a good product will attract potential customers, but not everything is by magic. It is necessary to consider several factors, apart from the strategy, of course. That is why it is good to remember what it is to be a Community Manager. Peru Mobile Number List

You are the face of the product. For that, you must know it. Know your advantages, your weaknesses, and your objectives. You must also be able to handle all the information regarding its existence. You must love it. Being a Community Brother Cell Phone List Manager is not just a job, it is part of a passion. If you are not convinced by the product, but you do not really love it, it is better not to take the account. You need to be consistent. Consistency transcends words and images. When you are clear about what you want, how you want it, and, of course, what you offer. Consistency is noticeable in every post you make. So, if you believe with your eyes closed in your product, that will show every moment and everything will flow. Don’t be surprised to find more than a hundred new followers per day, if the world perceives your consistency.

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