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3 SEO positioning tips for Franchises

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3 SEO positioning tips for Franchises

A couple of months ago, Comunicare gave a Franchise Seminar, where we explained what online marketing is and how you can take advantage of it by focusing on this sector. We saw that the main concern of franchise networks was: managing online reputation, social media marketing and SEO web positioning.Focusing on SEO Web positioning, 3 tips to optimize your website in order to increase quality traffic to your page and therefore also improve your results .

1. Study of Keywords
The content must revolve around our most related audience, we must put ourselves in their place and think with what keywords they are going to search for us. On multiple occasions the language of our target audience is different from the one we would use as “professionals in a sector”. We must also know that the keywords used by our users are increasingly detailed (with more words in the keyword) and contain more local terms.

To create an adequate Keyword strategy we must first create a list as broad as possible. This will allow us to analyze all the possibilities and perhaps discover very interesting keyword opportunities that are less exploited than others. The keyword analysis process on many sites is  Gibraltar Email List called Keyword Discovery… Discovery… That’s why we recommend being thorough at the beginning. We would create what is called the “long list” or long list. But once we have the list we have to know how to filter it to focus our efforts on only a small group of keywords.

Initially we will go for those that we identify as most strategic for us, and progressively, we will expand our efforts towards the next words on our list. Through the filtering process we would create the “short list” or short list of words on which we are going to focus our work, especially SEO. In SEM, on the other hand, it is possible that we can use the Long List, with the appropriate campaign segmentation.

That is why in SEO we recommend starting with a list of 10 keywords. We must work with a number of words that we can cover, otherwise our efforts will not be rewarded. For the selection we have to cross three factors: Traffic  Number of searches: How many times is this word searched per month. Competition: How many results are there in that word. How many people are we competing with
Relevance: How relevant our keyword is to our business. There may be keywords with many searches, but that will not necessarily get conversions  sales for our business because they are too general or not very specific.

The selected keywords must then guide the content strategy that we define. It is essential that we begin to create relevant and quality content for our target audience, that we optimize it from the SEO point of view and that we disseminate it as much as possible through our blog, social networks, directories…. We recommend having different landing pages for groups of 3-4 related keywords. This allows us to direct our efforts and guide the subsequent SEO actions well.

2. SEO optimization of the site
The first thing you should check is the page titles, they must be precise and unique, how?: Accurately describe the content of the page, create unique title tags for each page and a brief description. URLs, using keywords.Offer quality services and content, content is king, let’s not forget, supported by anchor texts with a call to action and containing keywords. Here You will find this more detailed information in the Google recommendations.

One last question, why is it that attraction marketing provides better results? Simply because it is “A Highly Duplicable System.” When you have your own system, activate it and promote it in your team, you will achieve the effect called “duplication”, which will allow you to obtain an income so important as to become financially free.

Now, you should know that these results do not come out overnight, that there is a job behind them that has taken time. Most of us have been seduced by this business by the promise of getting rich quickly with very little effort. And I believe that one of the biggest sins committed in this multilevel marketing industry is the lack of realistic expectations about what it takes to be successful in this business.

3. Content strategy
This is one of the fundamental parts to attract quality traffic, which must be planned based on:Study of long-tail keywords, for more specific niches Write without forgetting the SEO principles mentioned above If we do not spread the content, we will not give it life and it will be stagnant on our website without providing that increase in traffic. Spread on social networks, related groups, other portals, forums, article directories, etc. Measure which ones attract more traffic and see which ones position for keywords.

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