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3 tips for brands in their vueltaalcole campaigns

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3 tips for brands in their vueltaalcole campaigns

In a few days, the children will return to the school routine and, since 69% of Twitter users are students or their relatives, it is normal that the hashtag Vuelta al cole has special relevance. According to data from Twitter Spain, only in the Thailand Mobile Database months of July and August, this matter generated more than 548,000 comments on the social network. Brands, therefore, have in their power to take advantage of this context to approach young people and their parents who are already preparing to return to the classroom.

Related Notes: Old Navy campaign to modernize children’s clothing for back to school What are Spaniards looking for on the Internet when they go back to school? Persil’s moving spot describes the first day of school for a boy living in a favela Eight out of 10 Spaniards are thinking of making purchases for back to school, according to a study by Twitter Spain. What will they acquire? 69% will buy school supplies, 37%, clothes, and accessories, while 34% will acquire technology. Thailand Mobile Number List

In addition, it is a fact that Twitter has become a useful tool to inform yourself and seek recommendations. Not surprisingly, one in 3 students uses this social network to read opinions related to the Vuelta al cole. For their part, 20% access this platform in order to find out about news and trends in technology or clothing. Searching for promotions is another Twitter utility and, for this reason, according to the aforementioned study, one in five students consults the microblogging network to find offers and discounts.

How can brands benefit from this trend? Since the Brother Cell Phone List opinion of friends and influencers is of great importance for students when deciding what to buy, brands must manage to reach this audience and get them to share their comments on their products. To connect with students, brands can use formats such as Vines, which are very popular with young people. Brands have to take advantage of this opportunity to waste creativity in the presentation of their promotional products and offers.

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