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34 gradient logos that are made with the shades

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34 gradient logos that are made with the shades

In the ‘90s and early 2000s, gradients were a popular technique for bringing vivid color to a variety of designs. One of the most prominent gradient logos of the time was the playstation 2 logo, which launched in 2000. The trend continued and gradients stayed in the limelight until the late 2000s, when they took a backseat to flat design. Then, the gradient logo trend came back in a big way in 2018. Blue gradient playstation 2 logo playstation 2 logo via wikimedia why because gradients are eyecatching, attentiongrabbing and unapologetically pretty. Modern gradients use bright, luminous color combinations that feel fresh and exciting. We see gradients in many places out in the wild—from tangible items like business cards and packaging to digital environments like website hero images and landing pages. But we’re here today to discuss using gradients in one specific place your logo.


First thing first: what’s a gradient?

Remember, your logo is your brand’s everything. It’s background remove service your brand’s face, your elevator pitch, your mascot, your spokesperson and the best dang first impression you can make. A gradient can add a unique, memorable aspect to your logo and make you stand out from your competitors. Here, we’ll explore gradient logos in several prominent industries and explain why they work so well. First thing first what’s a gradient — gradients sometimes known as color transitions are a gradual, blended progression from one color to another color or, if you’re feeling ambitious, from one color to another color to another color—gradients aren’t limited to two shades. Gradients can feature colors from the same family, like a light blue to a dark blue, or completely different, contrasting colors like bright purple to deep red.

background remove service

Gradient logos in fitness, beauty and wellness

Rounded geometric shape logo with a pink and blue gradient Doctors Email List acustica logo by bart yellow, pink and purple gradient image of a lion kion logo by bart modern gradients tend to be quite bold in comparison to previous iterations, as seen in the warmtoned neon gradients trend for 2020. Whether they’re ubersaturated or subtle and subdued, gradients are incredibly versatile. The application, execution and placement of a gradient can be transformative, creating a standout visual experience. Semiflat image of a shark in a pink and blue gradient shark lasers logo by creative spirit mintfish logo comprised of multiple white flower shapes on a green and yellow gradient mintfish logo by rahuldesigns outline of a panther in a red, orange, pink and blue gradient jungle cat productions logo by logorilla abstract humanshape logo with an orange and pink gradient furia divina logo.

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