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4 Practices to improve the marketing of a small business

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4 Practices to improve the marketing of a small business

It is clear that online sales of products and services has a promising future ahead. However, success or failure still largely depends on a good eCommerce marketing strategy for small businesses. Can small online stores  UK Phone Number List compete with the giants in their sector? Although many people would answer yes to this question, the truth is that there are various techniques designed to increase the appeal and reach of online businesses, attracting and retaining customers without investing a fortune.

So automating email marketing campaigns, opening a companion store on Facebook and Instagram, or implementing live chat are some of the best marketing practices for small businesses, regardless of their industry, product, or target customer. Next, we share four practices that will help you improve the marketing of your business.

Improve the marketing of a small business

1. Automate email marketing
Automating tasks saves time and resources for small businesses, but it also helps improve the effectiveness of email marketing.

This increases the speed of sending messages at the right time and with relevant information for the consumer. In this way, the sending of emails is more efficient and continuous. Building targeted lists (such as users who have abandoned shopping carts or subscribers to corporate blogs) helps improve the effectiveness of automated marketing. For example, at the end of each month, you could run email campaigns based on the wish list. It is one of the best eCommerce marketing practices for small businesses.

2. Bet on the sale through social networks
Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Whats-app cannot be missing in the eCommerce marketing strategy for small businesses, since thousands of opportunities would be lost.

Why these platforms? These are the social networks with the most users worldwide, in addition to the fact that both Facebook and Instagram have enabled shop options or directed catalogs for small businesses that do not yet have e-commerce. don’t worry. There are options such as inter bank transfers, transfers via cell phone or payment links to solve this detail.

The presence of a brand in these channels will increase the number of direct sales and also allow users to share the products and thus expand their reach. It should be noted that the prestige and memory of the brand will also be reinforced by the use of social networks.

3. Make marketing content
To develop an effective eCommerce marketing strategy for small businesses, it is necessary to maintain close and direct contact with the customer. Content marketing is perfect for this. One of the most popular formats is the blog, but there are other forms of content marketing.

Audio podcasts help present the online store experience or create a community of consumers. Guest posts, in addition to promoting a brand among influences and bloggers, will help improve SEO positioning. Guides and white papers help customers get better results with the products they have purchased.

4. Improve responsiveness and attract mobile traffic
To increase the effectiveness of eCommerce marketing for small businesses, we must not forget about mobile traffic, which accounts for more than 75% of total traffic, according to various studies.

Any company must prepare its website to offer an optimal experience to users of mobile phones, tablets and other devices. According to a Com score report, the number of consumers on mobile devices already exceeds those who buy from the computer, which means that companies that do not have a responsive version will not be able to benefit from these sales.

A cell phone number listing works by collecting information about mobile phone users. Aside from the caller’s identity, you’ll even have the address of the person specified. This is great, especially when you’re expecting a long distance call from a client or boss that you are yet to meet. Cell phone listings spare you from having to worry about politely asking for the caller’s identity. They prove to be extremely useful too when you’ve happened to come across a long list of unknown numbers.

In short, eCommerce is an opportunity to increase the sales volume of a traditional store. Thanks to the different marketing tools available in the digital realm, small businesses can compete on equal terms with the local e-commerce giants. So it’s a matter of deciding to start implementing them in your business in order to take advantage of the great boom that online sales have and will have in the future.

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