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5 Reasons To Understand That The Seller Is Not Born End Of The Myth

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5 Reasons To Understand That The Seller Is Not Born End Of The Myth

The seller is not born, definitely. As in any other art form (just as you read it: art; because selling is a science, but selling is an art), a salesperson comes to understand the trade by virtue of training and lifelong learning. It is this effort of personal and professional improvement that differentiates one salesperson from another. There is no genetic alchemy. This logic of supposing that the seller responds to qualities of a crib, is part and product of a series of myths that exist about the profession, for example:

That sellers are people who have a good word and therefore can make their way into any situation or challenge. They are good at confusing and misleading people. The seller who does not lie cannot carry out his Bulgaria Phone Number List  operations from him. That salespeople are helpful but “never mean anything good to you.” They are always desperate to close a sale in any condition. They cannot be trusted. However, none of the above is true. They are just myths. But for this reason they have value, because sales awaken these interpretations as one of the most important activities of human endeavor. Few trades generate so much expectation, controversy and speculation.

Assuming myths like the previous ones, mediocre minds maintain that this trade cannot be learned in a conventional way. Because finally, how can you teach someone to “confuse people, lie to them and force them to buy something with flattering and captivating language”? You have to “be born with those capabilities,” they say. But those are all fallacies. The seller is not born. Because unlike the myth, the qualities that make a sales person great can be learned. They are not different from qualifications required in other trades, and at most they need to be exercised with emphasis and in combinations that other tasks do not require.

All the qualities of an Intuition. The generality of human beings possess it. The distinction that exists between one and the other responds to work, and therefore has nothing to do with birth.
Intuition develops from the formation of a tactical mind, which is the product of intense training and capitalizing on experience in the development of a trade.

Empathy. The salesperson needs to be empathetic rather than “nice” (unlike what is often believed). And empathy is a quality that can be perfectly developed in anyone. And although it is present in different degrees and forms for one and the other, it can never be considered a cradle attribute. Gratitude. Any salesperson (and anyone) can recognize and learn to exercise the power of “thank you. And also apply it functionally to your daily work. Gratitude is a” lubricant “of the emotional system, and it governs interactions between human beings. On the other hand, sales are one of the greatest expressions of that human “touch.”

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. This is a quality that should not only accompany the seller, but rather everyone. And it is of course something that is learned. Some of the most valuable things that human beings can access are in the realms of the unknown: creativity, imagination, opportunities. Mastering fear is a product of working on mental processes, it has nothing to do with fortune at birth.

Risk orientation. This is possibly the most important virtue of the practice of the sales profession. Because in this profession you cannot operate from the “comfort zone”. You must get out of it to perfect the results. And just as “the seller is not born”, no person is destined to carve out his destiny of him within the narrow borders of his “comfort zone”. Adaptation. The seller and any professional of value, must have the ability to adapt to the situation they face before adopting the measures they deem appropriate. The strategic advice to “adapt before adopt” is learned through training and coaching. Winner. This is, necessarily, the attitude that the seller needs.

And she responds to the development of a winning mentality. Although many tend to assume that this is a birth condition, it is actually a mental capacity that can be easily developed. Team player This is possibly the factor that best explains that “the salesperson is not born”, since is there a person who is born with the inclination to work in a team? Now, having exposed the myths that surround the seller, and being clear that the qualities that he must possess are not cradle requirements, the following final arguments can be added.

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