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6 different ways to use Woocommerce for your business

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6 different ways to use Woocommerce for your business

I’m not telling you anything new if I tell you that WooCommerce is becoming the main option for SMEs to sell online.Why? Well, very simple; because it is extremely easy to install and configure the basic settings to start selling, because there are tons of online tutorials in text and video, because it has thousands of plugins and extensions (free and paid) to do almost anything with your store without having to hire a programmer and most importantly, because WooCommerce is designed to start selling quickly and easily without having to “mortgage” your business to do so.Something that just 10 years ago was reserved for large companies and multinationals with enough budget to spend amounts of 5 and 6 figures in having a decent online sales platform, now thanks to WooCommerce any traditional neighborhood business can do it with 100 times less budget and in much less time.I’m not going to “crush” you anymore with the same old stuff, talking about the benefits of WooCommerce and how wonderful it is. About that, there is already a lot written.

What I’m going to talk to you about today is one of the unknown facets of he fact is that although most people who know this plugin believe that it only serves to create conventional online stores with WordPress, the truth is that it can also be used for many other purposes that I am almost sure you were unaware of. From ticket sales, to online auction sites.
Yes, you read it right. From selling tickets to concerts and events, to creating your own online auction platform and all using  said that WooCommerce was Indian B2B Phone List used to make online stores? Let’s see below what other wonders can be done by combining this popular plugin with some of its most powerful extensions.One of the things that surprised me the most when I started working with WooCommerce was the amount of people who asked me if it was possible to use it as an online product catalog. That is, no purchase buttons, no cart, no payment page, just use it to show product files with their photos and their description.

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Something that a priori did not make much sense to me, it has become one of the most widespread ways to use WooCommerce. In fact, there are several plugins that allow you to easily convert WooCommerce into a catalog, such as; ” YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode ” or even do it without the need for plugins, as I explain in this article on my blog.In addition, it is increasingly common to find the option of ” Catalog mode ” in many Doctors Email List premium themes compatible with WooCommerce. Ok, we already know that we can use WooCommerce to sell products, but what if we combined the online store function with a booking calendar? Well, we get a complete online reservation system using WooCommerce and any of its specific extensions for this purpose. (Below I will mention the ones that I recommend).What kind of business can this be useful for? Well, although we may think that it only makes sense to use it to reserve apartments or hotel rooms, the uses that can be given to this type of system go much further. For example for:

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