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7 PR and marketing tips for COVID-19

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7 PR and marketing tips for COVID-19

COVID-19 is a health problem, true … but beyond that, it is also an economic problem. Millions of people are currently practicing “social distancing” and are staying home as much as possible. How does this affect public relations and marketing strategies? What marketing actions in times of coronavirus are the ideal ones? What should we communicate, whether we are a large or a small brand, or even a personal brand?Today, citizens are more connected than ever to the Internet and the possibilities that brands have to generate awareness, attract a new audience, retain the current one, and even generate connections and opportunities, is enormous … but you have to understand the moment and be empathetic .We have to recognize that our marketing and public relations strategies cannot continue as they have always been, during this time.

As companies, we need to know how to properly address this issue within our individual strategies.Because people are distraught. Their attention is not focused on your business developments or product offerings. And if you suddenly try to interrupt their thought process with simple mercantile messages, they will no doubt fall on deaf ears or even run into a level of contempt for your brand.Does this mean that it is impossible to sell at this time? Not at all. However, before doing so and executing commercial actions, you should be aware of some points. There are some things to avoid during this time, as well as some things you can focus on until the contingency is over. Let’s consider some of these key ways to tailor your strategy.People are in fear and anguish right now. This is not the time to focus only on your brand. Find ways to put your audience first and address their needs and concerns.

For example, if you are responsible for creating content for a financial institution, you can produce articles, infographics, or papers that address the ways your audience can save money during this time, or Cayman Islands Phone Number List how a small business can adapt to declining customers and purchases. .Press releases and launches are a key part of any PR strategy, especially for B2B. But the truth is that now is not the time for it. Nobody cares right now.So put off that press release or release until things calm down. And of course, DO NOT take advantage of the news to do newsjacking. That is in terrible taste now.In-person meetings and events are impossible. Find ways to do things online to support your marketing and public relations strategies. Analyze all possible formats.Create webinars where people can log in from the comfort of their home. Use tools like Zoom or Hangouts Meet. Make a live video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that engages your audience. Take the time to produce regular videos that will benefit your strategy even after the peak of this situation wears off.

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And yes, for some brands, and certain products, it is also possible to develop ecommerce strategies against the coronavirus … especially if your products or services can help mitigate the Doctors Email List situation.We all have projects that we have put in the background, waiting for that stage when things slow down. Well, now is the time to dig up those projects and give them your undivided attention.This could include writing a paper that could become an industry reference document, updating your brand’s key messages, redesigning your website, creating that newsroom for you , designing a new bidding strategy, creating a video channel, or a podcast, or even generate a new line of thought leadership. Whatever it is, now is the time to do it.

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