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A guide to starting from scratch Webinar

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A guide to starting from scratch Webinar

In 2016, we decided to do our first webinar and since then we have already done many other broadcasts, learning with every mistake and unforeseen how to engage our audience. In this post, you will discover how structures its webinars and what tools we use to offer our audience the best possible sound and images, achieving high engagement rates. How many people do we need to do a Webinar? We have a team of 6 people, on average, for each transmission. 2 presenting; 2 in the comments; 2 in the technical part. I know that most work teams don’t have those numbers, so it’s okay if you need to reduce that number of people.From scratch

People do we need to do a Webinar starting from scratch

The advice we give you is that there are at least three people involved in the process: one presenting, another managing the comments and a third person responsible for the technical part. What equipment are used? We use a studio for our broadcasts and that ensuresĀ  Banks Business Email List better lighting and audio. However, if you don’t have a studio, no problem: just find a well-lit and quiet place. To record, we use Logitech’s Webcam , she is the favorite of those who do broadcasts and the result is very good. In particular, we recommend an investment of about $ 100 dollars in this equipment.This webcam already comes with the microphone,

A guide to starting from scratch

Starting from scratch equipment are used

but to make the sound even better, we used the Zoom microphone. Remember that you do not need all these equipment to make your broadcast. You just have to be careful with the lighting and external noise, ? What is our preparation for the Webinar? All our preparation is based on a checklist that we use to guide and decide what to do each day. Here is this detailed checklist, showing exactly what we do before and during the broadcast. 15 Days Before 1- Analyze the sports calendar and national / regional holidays First of all, we see in the period of about 15 days before if there is any commemorative date or event that could rob our audience. We give preference to Monday or Tuesday to carry out the transmissions

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