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Acid disfigured woman teaches makeup in this heartbreaking tutorial

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Acid disfigured woman teaches makeup in this heartbreaking tutorial

Make love not scars’ is a shocking campaign promoted by Ogilvy & Mather starring a young vlogger from India. Her name is Reshma and her task is to explain to users through tutorials how to put on makeup. So far it might seem all normal, but it is best Namibia Mobile Database understood by scrutinizing Reshma’s face, totally disfigured. Millions of women leave the workforce for a little-discussed reason Related Notes: A controversial campaign for the legalization of abortion What about women using Ashley Madison? They challenge Indian society with the first lesbian spot

Despite their appearance, the videos start normally. In one of them, Reshma explains how to get perfect red lips; in another, how to apply eyeliner. At the end of the tutorials, the vlogger comments that getting these products on the market is simple and inexpensive, as is the case with a bottle of acid, whose acquisition is open to anyone. “This is why every day a girl can become a victim of an acid attack,” adds Reshma. Namibia Mobile Number List

The young Indian woman, then, urges the viewer to support her cause and to sign a petition to prevent the acid from being accessible to anyone. The type of pain experienced that results from an acid attack is unimaginable. The victims face traumatic consequences, including loss of sight, sensation, amputations, grafts … but, above all, the pain of having to live their entire lives with the disfigurement of their face, “says this petition addressed to the First Minister of India.

According to the video, it is possible to buy a bottle of acid domestically for just 100 rupees (about $ 1.50). According to data managed by the campaign, the Brother Cell Phone List country registers more than 1,000 cases of acid attacks on women each year. So far, the petition has been signed by more than 93,500 Internet users. The campaign videos, meanwhile, add up to approximately one million views on YouTube.

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