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Add Value To Your Products And Your Customers

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Add Value To Your Products And Your Customers

Competition in business is getting bigger, there are more options and solutions to the same problem; In such a competitive market there is the same product or service for the same problem, so the level of what is expected is standardized. With this comes a question: How to make your business, product or service stand out from the rest?

If you are going to look for more reading about solutions or how to stand out, you will find that you should always give an extra, that you should offer something more, but rarely does it indicate how to implement it in your business, but above all, that it does not cost you more or needs a strong investment It is what every business wants: to be  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List recognized by customers and be superior to its competitors. One of the simplest ways is when you add extra value to your products, which your competition is also thinking about, but it is also necessary that that extra works for your customers. This is where few participate and end up not being relevant to others. So how do you provide better value, without being expensive?

Offers better quality than your competition
The first thing you should see is everything you can control and it is in your hands, for example, if you create a product from scratch, you could look for alternatives to suppliers that provide a premium quality raw material but that is similar in cost to the one that you already use or give a product a little more personalized (with certain differences or unique characteristics).

Thus, your customers will know that quality is something that sets you apart from the competition, but also that you have the possibility to make decisions and adapt your product to their needs. Usually with services this is always possible, but in the case of a product, sometimes it is necessary to make small adjustments to your product to solve a specific problem. If this is not your case, and you offer a ready-made product, it is more difficult to be able to modify the product. But something you can do is get something totally new, of better quality and at a very low price, something that you can usually find with new products, they try to give an introductory price and it is usually lower than what is on the market.

A clear example and that perhaps you realized little by little, are the water pipes that were used to be made with copper pipes, but the cost was high, so plastics arrived, which have gradually been replaced and that are more economical, durable and resistant than old installations.

In this case, the plastic tube at first was not so accepted because it was believed that it was of poor quality for the simple fact of being of a different material, but time and the difference in prices, has positioned it as a standard in the market and the first companies that offered it also did. Improves customer service It is not about being a slave to your potential buyers, there are many who confuse excellent service with being a servant, but about meeting expectations and solving problems, helping and guiding whoever has purchased your product or service (something that you can implement if you sell products and services).

There are many businesses that go out of their way for you to buy, they serve you excellently, they don’t stop praising you, but as soon as you buy them, it seems that you no longer exist and now they exchange their “love “for a new customer. These types of businesses are putting customer service aside and therefore larger purchases in the future. So if your business does not have a space dedicated to the one who has already bought, you are in error and it is necessary that you have it, because retaining a customer is 5 to 25 times cheaper than attracting new customers, according to an article by SpotOn.

So in addition to being the space where you solve any problem for your client, it will be a magnet to rent your clients, but they will also become what every business is looking for: the promoters of your business, which will result in more clients , Well, people trust other people more than they trust advertising.Offer an extra Surely you have heard this advice thousands of times, “you always have to give an extra”, but this time we mean that you can give more to your clients than it costs you almost nothing or nothing, to make them feel different and welcome in your business, but that will make you stand out from others.

For example, if you have a waiting room because you are a doctor, a stylist or any other business where people have to wait to be seen, you can offer any type of drink, a sandwich, put something for entertainment such as television and, If your business requires it, you can create spaces dedicated to children to entertain them. All this is simple to implement, it will not cost you much since a bottle of water, sodas are not expensive; For children, you can use old toys, simple sheets of paper, and crayons. This will keep your customers happy and position you above your competitor

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