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Advantages Of Flexible Packaging

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Advantages Of Flexible Packaging

The food packaging industry is currently undergoing a kind of cultural shift, driven by concerns about sustainability, the saturation of the food market itself, and the growing need to create attractive and profitable packaging that does not inconvenience consumers. This has led to a substantial growth in flexible packaging. Flexible packaging includes bags, envelopes, bags, and other types of non-rigid packaging. In this blog post, we examine some of the main benefits of switching to flexible packaging for food products. All this and many more examples on Fingerprinting.

An increasing number of consumers are very concerned about sustainability and actively avoid food products with unsustainable packaging. This is  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List an area where flexible packaging can be extremely beneficial. According to research published in the US by the Flexible Packaging Association, using juice containers as a point of comparison, a flexible bag means less consumption of fossil fuels, less CO2 emissions and less use of landfills than main alternatives, including PET bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles.

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Another of the main advantages of flexible packaging is its customization, since it can be adapted to a wide variety of shapes to accommodate a wide range of products. This customization can be further enhanced by the center-print flex o presses offered by Fingerprinting and, as they are ideal for high-quality, high-volume printing on demanding substrates, including flexible packaging. This makes it easy to create attractive and tailored food packaging products with quality labels that appeal to consumers.

The adoption of flexible packaging also brings a number of cost benefits. For example, in many cases less material is needed to make the package. In addition, it is estimated that flexible packaging can save space up to 20%. This could lead to savings related to storage space, and can also lead to reduced shipping costs, as larger quantities of a product can be shipped at a time.

Lastly, flexible packaging also has the advantage of being extremely convenient for most customers, offering precisely what they need. In fact, industry studies show that the top five priorities for consumers when it comes to packaging are that they be In an age when consumers are increasingly concerned about convenience and sustainability, flexible packaging may be the ideal choice for professionals in the food industry. Fingerprinting lexicographic printing solutions can further improve the quality of flexible packaging by facilitating high-quality printing on the packaging itself. Each of our machines is designed and manufactured to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

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