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Adwords budget: How to make an SEM budget?

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Adwords budget: How to make an SEM budget?

Before launching a campaign on Google Adwords , it is important to perform a calculation that will provide you with an estimate of costs and performance. In this way, we will have an idea of what it costs us to get certain traffic to our website. For this, in MK Paradise we have prepared this little one with which you can make an Adwords budget yourself.A basic tool is the keyword planner. Accessing this Google tool, we will get approximate statistical data on traffic and cost for our campaign. The first thing will be to select all the words that interest us , that is, the terms by which we want our business to appear.
To do this, we select the first option that the planner gives us: ” Search for new ideas for keywords and ad groups .” Here we must fill in the fields that they ask us: include some terms that interest us (your activity, products or services that you offer, etc.), we include the URL of the website, the languages ​​that interest us – Catalan is a separate language- and the geographical area where we want to appear.We also have the option to choose if we want to appear only in the search engine or also in search partners (Google Maps, Gmail, etc.). Our recommendation is to only exploit the search engine.

For example, if we want to set up the Adwords campaign for an English academy in Madrid, we will choose terms such as “English academy”, “English classes”, “English teachers”, etc. We will include the URL of our website, only the Spanish language and the geographical area Madrid (you can differentiate between Community or city).Once we select “Search”, Google will offer us a list of terms that may interest us , chosen according to its own related search statistics. We should only look at the tab ” Ideas for keywords .” In this menu, the data Switzerland Business Phone List the terms that we have included in the search engine will appear first.Below will appear all the related terms that have a certain relevance in Google searches. With these proposals, we can complete our list of keywords that we are interested in “buying” and for which our ad will appear in the Google search engine.

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All the terms offer their performance data, which will help us to choose whether a word interests us or not : number of monthly searches, competition, recommended cost per click, etc. All the words that interest us must be selected in the last column of the table: ” Add to plan .”Once we have all the words added to our plan, in the part to the right we can find them all and start “doing calculations” only with those that interest us. To do this, we must access ” Review estimates
Once all our keywords have been chosen, we must carefully consult the performance and cost of each of them. To do this, the first thing we must do is select our bid at the top, that is: the maximum we are willing to pay for each click on our ad. To start comparing, we can try including a maximum bid of 1 euro. We include the price and enter our keywords.This is where we will know the performance and the cost of all the words that interest us. As we Doctors Email List have decided on a CPC of 1 euro, we will check an estimate of what we would achieve with this bid in each term : the number of times it will appear in Google, the estimated clicks we will receive, the average position of the ad (from 1 to 3 is what above the list of results), the total cost of each word, the average CPC of each term, etc.If we change our maximum bid at the top, all the details for all the terms vary. The more money we are willing to pay for each click, the more times our ad will appear, will have more potential clicks and will appear in better positions. Seeing the total of all the words, we will get to know how much it costs me to get that number of clicks that Google estimates .

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