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audiovisual content is the favorite content of users under

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audiovisual content is the favorite content of users under

From an entertainment belgium contact number point of view, audiovisual content is the favorite content of users underyears of age . In the Netherlands, for example,  of users opt for this format when entertainment is at stake. For baby boomers and older users, the main role of social media is belgium contact number  closely related to connections with friends and family. In Spain  of baby boomers dive into social media for social purposes. However,  do it also to consume content in video belgium contact number format (in a way not too different from the youngest).Despite increasingly fierce competition, Facebook  belgium contact number continues to be the world’s most widely used social network with 2.8 billion active monthly users . Even so, in the

demographic group of those  belgium contact number under 35 years of age, Facebook is only the fifth most used platform  In this age group, YouTube WhatsApp and Instagram are ahead of Facebook.If users over 60 years of age prefer to leverage their gaze on content of a written nature, those under 35 years of age mostly belgium contact number  opt for the video format. Not surprisingly, YouTube reaches more adults over 18 in prime time than any other television network. Three- belgium contact number quarters of adults say they watch YouTube videos on their mobile devices at home, and Google’s video platform enjoys more popularity than Netflix among more tall users. of baby boomers say they spend between one and two hours a day on social media . This proportion ,Belgium-Phone-Number-List

however, to and  in Spain and doctorsemaillist the Netherlands respectively. In France, meanwhile, of baby boomers spend less than an hour a day on 2.0 platforms. And of baby boomers from Germany report the same intensity of use. Perhaps that is  belgium contact number why  of users over 60 in France and Germany say that social networks do not actually add any added value  belgium contact number to their daily lives at least more than in the Netherlands and Spain. For its part, among users over 60 years belgium contact number  of age Facebook manages to climb the podium of the most used social networks

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