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Barcelona is the most active Spanish city on social media, according to a study

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Barcelona is the most active Spanish city on social media, according to a study

The Barcelona City Council is the undisputed leader in social networks compared to other large Spanish cities, according to a report by Alianzo. The report highlights that Barcelona’s success on the Tunisia Mobile Database Internet is related to a larger audience and rich content that generates engagement.

Related Notes: Which social network has the most engagement? What is the most important social network for the relationship of fans with celebrities? Twitter is the fastest social network according to a study To carry out the report, the company analyzed the social profiles of the municipalities of the 10 most populated cities in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Murcia, and Alicante). It should be mentioned that Valencia was excluded for not having a profile on social networks.

A first conclusion is that Barcelona is, of the cities studied, the one with the largest audience on Facebook, gathering, specifically, 72% of unique users. His 156,103 followers account for three-quarters of the total. It is also remarkable that it is women who interact the most in this social network with their municipalities, who account for 71% of the cities analyzed. Tunisia Mobile Number List

Regarding content, on average, the municipalities analyzed publish 64 posts per month on Facebook (approximately two per day). Zaragoza is the one that publishes the most publications (more than 200 per month) and the cities that least, Bilbao, Murcia, and Alicante. In relation to engagement, Barcelona leads again (although it is not one of the cities that publishes the most content), with more than 50,000 interactions per month on Facebook.

On Twitter, which stands as the favorite social network for municipalities, Barcelona is the city with the most followers (180,257 followers) and the Brother Cell Phone List one that generates the most tweets per month (around 30 per day). At the tail end of the microblogging network are cities such as Murcia or Palma de Mallorca. In terms of engagement on Twitter, it is the Madrid City Council that obtains the best result, with almost 20,000 monthly interactions.

The third and last platform analyzed by Alianzo is YouTube. On the popular video site, Barcelona stands again as number one, mainly because it is the city that generates the most content (more than 100 videos per month). Madrid, Malaga, or Bilbao, on the other hand, do not pay much attention to YouTube and publish videos with low frequency.

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