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Being a designer and taking a stand

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Being a designer and taking a stand

Yesterday I received an interesting question in a private message on Twitter. This question reflects a deep subject for me and I wanted to bear witness to this. This subject is that of the consequences of the commitment as a designer. The question was basically Hi Geoffrey I was wondering if your positions on Jannonce for your personal projects werent prejudicial to you when getting a contract or looking for a job. I asked myself that because I had seen that you sometimes post on LinkedIn which is downright turbo straight, fully greenwashing, etc. and I know that as soon as you get out of the capitalist ranks you are a little sidelined. My response was as follows Yes, completely.

What’s your trick for losing customers

For almost years when I have been trying to assert myself personally and professionally on the same political level when I take a personal or professional position in a public way I have clearly felt a decrease in clients. Well of certain types of philippines photo editor clients startups, large capitalist companies, technology companies, bullshit jobs, etc. I accompanied this voluntary approach with a personal and professional decrease, a change in my blog, in my conferences, in my personal projects as well as a drastic reduction in my salary while developing more and more my personal design projects for continue to create, to advance in my ideas and ideals.

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Aren’t you a bit crazy to do that

What’s your trick for losing customers This is obviously the question everyone is asking, Im sure Because yes, I know that I can expose myself to losing potential customers when On my Design Human site , where I present my projects, I specify that I refuse Doctors Email List any proposal for projects that go against these values. namely public, social, environmental utility, etc. When I create this generator of proposals for cultural works to respond to the Culture Pass set up by the government. This generator offers a critical look at our policies and our government of course.  When, via my site Jannonce. I graphically highlight police violence , Total pollution , violent government actions , the importance of a journalists charter.


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