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Book Hacker Protester the practical guide to citizen struggle tools

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Book Hacker Protester the practical guide to citizen struggle tools

Hello everyone. I’ve been working on it for two years so I’m quite happy to present my new book Hacker Protester This book is a practical guide to the tools of citizen struggle I list projects tools diverted objects hacks hacks imagined thought out created by citizens all over the world. In light of the social and environmental struggles for which millions of citizens are fighting I thought it was necessary to list explain present share all these strategies. The cover Hong Kong France Belarus Kazakhstan Thailand Ukraine… in the world has changed activism too.

How I created this book

The hacker citizen no longer only protects his environment but the Environment Freedom and Democracy. Hacker Protester is a practical guide that studies around the world tools of citizen struggle. Tinkered with photo retouching service diverted hacked these self-defenses weapons are at the service of social and environmental justice in the sat century . ‘For the occasion I also made a teaser video  For the record for years I listed and crosschecked many citizen projects that I present today in the book such as tear gas extinguishing systems inflatable shields to protect against truncheons and LBDs enough to protect your airways during demonstrations how to think.

photo retouching service

The 4th cover

The rhythm of a crowd that demonstrates gestures to organize selfdefense equipment tools to blind drones or return them to the ground strategies to protect themselves from surveillance digital techniques to share messages of citizen Doctors Email List struggle ways to communicate to make banners to display them And many more. Then I drew more than illustrations in a pixel art style I selected of them for the projects that I present. Finally I wrote more than pages to explain tell present transmit put into historical and political context as well. Under each project you will also find its date its country of observation and also its source via a shortened link that takes you to the web.

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