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Brand purpose … a marketing guide

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Brand purpose … a marketing guide

A few days ago a great brand contacted us. He asked us if we could develop weekly content on his site. That’s what we do! We answered … but then they added: we don’t want them to make sales content, we want them to develop content that speaks to our brand purpose .Before thinking about profitability, before dreaming of market share, before selling and yes, before creating content and managing social networks, brands today must find their brand purpose .Years ago, it would not matter much, but if these days, we really want to ride the wave and be at the forefront of marketing and communication, we must understand that …Do you think the brands that sell the most today are the ones that make the most ads?

The brands that sell the most are those that connect better with their audience … which means that currently emotional aspects weigh more than promotional ones.Companies should think about how to become relevant brands to their customers rather than how to outperform their competition. This translates to a simple truth:Brand purpose is the reason for a brand to exist.

Sales and profitability are a consequence. The brand purpose is the essence, its why.Simon Sinek is the one who best explains what the purpose or “why” of a brand UK Phone Number Database List of. His little video has more than 26 million views on TED alone.To find the brand purpose, we must ask ourselves: Why does our company exist?oday, every business knows what it does, but that is just its market activity (like selling perfumes).

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They also know how they do it, but that is only their operations (processes) … but the reality is that very few businesses know why.
Knowing the “why” of our brand provides the Doctors Email List foundation on which everything else must be built:The Body Shop has a very clear and compelling purpose: To Contribute Without Exploiting (Enrich not exploit) . Have you entered one of their stores? Do you know their products? Have you lived the brand experience? If you have, you know that all of their marketing breathes that essence.Do you think it is a boring topic? HA! Think twice after seeing this ad for the brand to eliminate dark circles … or as they call it, panda eyes.

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