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Consumer perception, how to build it?

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Consumer perception, how to build it?

It doesn’t matter how many movies Universal Studios makes to say that Despicable Me works with a bunch of funny yellow dolls called minions. The favorite villain of consumers will continue to be brands. It is they from whom we ask for perfection in what we want, how we want it, when we want it; at the price we want it and through impeccable service; and now, also, having a purpose and generating a positive impact in the world. Complying with this is stressful for brands, but they know they have to because once consumer perception is formed, changing it is practically impossible …No company is perfect. Businesses are entities formed by a group of fallible human beings and, consequently, they are organizations susceptible to error and bad practices. However, the commitment must be one of continuous improvement because the judgment of consumers is harsh: good or bad, black or white, heroes or villains.

All of these interactions shape the associations that a consumer’s mind makes in relation to a given brand. When the predominant association is negative, it is common for a Uruguay Phone Number List phenomenon of demonization to occur. The consumer adopts that brand as a villain, gives little credibility to their communication and can become a passive or active detractor of their products and services. Demonized brands are negatively perceived by consumers due to poor operating practice, inefficient communication or participation in a line of business that has little acceptance. In most cases it is a combination of several factors. The result is clear: the disapproval and even hatred of the general public. Surely by this point you have already thought about a lot of brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Telmex. Maybe you personally have a bad relationship with one or many others. Let’s be clear: there are no good and bad companies. There are good and bad practices; there are companies that make mistakes, companies with values ​​different from ours and organizations whose business, due to its nature, puts them in the eye of the hurricane.

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Fortunately, consumers’ feelings for brands are just as diverse. There are the detractors, the fans and those who maintain a neutral stance. Almost always in a percentage of 20-20-60 respectively.
Convincing naysayers of a brand’s qualities to become fans is practically impossible, but that doesn’t mean that demonized brands should stop communicating their efforts to improve Doctors Email List their perception … but they should target that neutral 60%! the perception of consumers is to speak of corporate reputation; And we can’t talk about the latter without pausing to examine the Reputation Institute’s RepTrak model, which examines the perception of audiences on seven rational dimensions: When talking about consumer perception of brands, we realize that it is not necessarily a reflection of their good practices, but rather of how they have been communicated to their audiences; because what use are extraordinary practices if nobody knows them? Did you know, for example, that Durex, the condom brand, has an alliance with (RED) to donate the sales of one of its models to fight against AIDS in Africa? Probably not, and that is why the brand has even developed red packaging to communicate it, advertisements on Instagram and even alliances with Zara Larsson as an influencer to spread it.


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