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Decalogue to sell anything to anyone

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Decalogue to sell anything to anyone

Sell ​​not only a natural act in all people, it is also a requirement to successfully navigate existence. The world of sales is not reserved for professionals, it is a reality in which all those who basically want to achieve some benefit in  lives have to navigate. This is a Decalogue that be taken into account to sell anything and to anyone:

Decalogue to sell

1.- Don’t look at your belly button. Selling is about the other, not yourself. Nobody likes to share a conversation with someone who monopolizes the talk. It just doesn’t work. No healthy and productive relationship can be built on endless monologues. And this happens, precisely, in many business years.

A cardinal rule of sales is to understand that everything is always about the buyer, not the bidder. Any presentation, speech or offer should focus on the receiver, not the sender. The question every salesperson should ask is: How relevant is this to the prospect? And based on the response, the offer has to be customized. The only self-aware salesperson has the same dynamics as an inanimate display case. At best it is a good exhibitor, but does not provide any added value.

2.- Investigate and find out everything you need before contact.
If you expect the buyer to give you time to consider your offer, you should first make your own time to get to know him and learn about him. In this age of absolute inter connectivity, there are no excuses that prevent you from knowing what you need to know about the prospect to be addressed. Pre-inquiries need not be time consuming. Almost always 5 or 10 minutes is enough. This is enough to know who the prospect is and what interests them. There are eight examples of useful and easily accessible sources of information

3.- Always start with an introduction.
Properly atmosphere a conversation is essential. The salesperson who goes into the matter directly is not only impertinent, he also demonstrates ignorance and rudeness. Business interactions are personal relationships first and always, and no one likes to be approached as a mere statistic.

The Strategy refers to this as circular reference or flank access. And the basic civility protocol works for the case. Simple questions: How are you? o What brings you here today? are many times enough. In other cases, a more qualified question will take better advantage: “So you are looking for a dress for a cocktail, can I ask you what the occasion is about? If it is a corporate sale, what is indicated in point 2 should allow knowing geographical details, restaurants in the area, concert halls, stadiums, etc. This allows the conversation to be set in a very good way: How was the last winter in this city? What is your favorite food at the restaurant? What show did you attend in the concert hall lately? etc.

Get to know your prospect before you jump in with the offer, know clearly why they should care and why you are better than your competitors. After all, we are human beings. Talk to the potential customer in that condition before doing it as a salesperson.

4.- Define your target buyer.
It may seem like a paradox, but the secret to selling “anything to anyone” is not trying to sell “anything to anyone.”

Whether you work in retail, auto, or B2B business, you will be more successful if you are familiar with the characteristics of your target buyers and thoroughly rate each prospect based on that matrix. This is called the ideal buyer profile, and it is almost the same as owning a secret weapon. Finding the specific type of “any” that is right for the product or service avoids wasting time on potential customers who are not a good fit. There is more time and energy to invest in buyers with a good chance of becoming customers.

5.- Contribute first, sell later.
If you define your target buyer correctly, you will spend most of your day talking to business leaders who have problems that your product or service can solve. But just because you know this does not mean that they did not launch the speech from the beginning. You risk angering or scaring the potential customer. Instead, offer your help in the way that you think is most valuable. And if you are not sure how to do it,  ask.

Maybe you can submit a breakdown of the latest features of the car the buyer wants, or submit some content that meets their needs. Perhaps you can use your experience to talk about industry trends that the prospect will Australia Phone Number List  eventually be unaware of. Position yourself as an adviser who wants to help rather than a professional thirsty to sell. With this approach, you will find a more receptive audience when you finally connect your problem with the offer.
As social selling expert Jill Cowley puts it, “Think of the old boxing jargon: jab, jab, jab, right, and associate it with sales like give,

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