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Digital communication: 5 types of content you need

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Digital communication: 5 types of content you need

Digital marketing is suffering from an endemic disease … a disease that most small and medium-sized brands experience: They want to sell whatever it takes … and fast … without really understanding what it is even about. Without understanding that digital communication kills digital marketing.They consider that if all brands are setting up their e-commerce and if 9 out of 10 Internet users spend 3 hours on social networks … then investing in ads and having a platform for raising leads or customers, is the only thing that must be done so that sales come as an obvious consequence.After a few years, many of the brands (especially SMEs) are beginning to realize that the fairy tales in which businesses become billionaires by getting on the web and advertising on social networks are completely false.The competition is great and the conversion rate is very low.

What is inexplicable to these brands is how the big ones continue to grow and they, SMEs, seem to be doomed.The answer is something simple but at the same time a truth that they do not want Nepal Phone Number List to believe because … they are not willing to invest in the solution!But let’s explain it this way …Imagine that you are going to buy a television and you find a brand that you have not heard of and it offers you a very good price; next to it you find other models, from brands like Sony, Toshiba or Samsung … but their price is 30% higher.Which one would you buy?Most are going to pay that extra 30% for one simple reason… it gives you added confidence. It gives you security.

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Build a brand, teach others to solve problems and DO NOT seek to sell as your first option.I know … this for small businesses sounds like a death sentence … but think back to the example of television.Until you build a relevant brand, at least for your niche, you won’t be able to compete.You don’t have to become world famous… just relevant in your niche.Digital communication is the use of digital channels and assets to communicate the purpose, positioning and actions of a brand with its stakeholders as part of the corporate and multi-channel Doctors Email List communication program.In order for your brand to start executing digital communication, you would have to ask a few questions. You should think about 5 key factors and generate content about it:In this framework, as you will understand, posting only ads and offers is not much use, because your consumers do not know you … and it is necessary that they go through that phase first before they consider you as a real option. This is what we know as theSo, even if it sounds strange … maybe you need to stop thinking so much about a digital marketing strategy to start thinking about a digital communication strategy , reconsidering the role of online tools in the context of your business strategy.

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