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Discover the post-binary typographic revolution

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Discover the post-binary typographic revolution

Today I wanted to share with you this beautiful and touching testimony. Lisa Voisard for Radio Télévision Suisse. This young woman is a graphic designer and illustrator in Lausanne and she creates illustration projects based on the observation of nature birds. Plants trees the different living species that surround her. I share her testimony with you because we often see interviews with male designers who talk about object. Design or method design but not enough sensitive people and who go through with their approach as an illustrator graphic designer. I would like to talk to you about a subject for which typography plays a driving role inclusive writing. This subject is often polarized with on the one hand people. Who find it a way to advance issues of nonbinarity and social struggles and on the other hand people. Who find that all this is is illegible and that its not a change in writing that moves anything.

Post Binary Typographic Revolution

Anyway inclusive writing must be studied understood analyzed tested improved and it is in this sense that. I present to you this inventory of inclusive nonbinary postbinary typographic practices carried out between and. This inventory therefore image manipulation service presents a set of typographic processes with the associated. Fonts to meet the needs of inclusive writing ligatures inclusive glyphs midpoint etc. It may tense some people who are a little too rigid on the forms of reading. Writing has always been a source of fun tests trials a thought for Robert Massin whom. I discovered when I was … and it must continue. Today the Lowtech question is in my eyes like the environmental question it should no longer be a question but an obvious one. You have to make it light you have to keep it simple you have to go to the essentials. In my job as a designer its always been integrated.

image manipulation service

Fascinating documentary published

When I was a student I preferred to use the black white laser printer on recycled paper with a saddle stitch to go to the essentials. Rather than making books on photo paper with intricate bindings. Even today I code my websites by hand in a simple and efficient way rather than using heavy solutions with large databases for nothing. If I am telling you Doctors Email List about all this it is because I have just finished watching this on the Lowtech. Laband I thought I had to share it with you Presentation of the documentary. To realize the diversity of lowtech initiatives in France we invite you to discover the documentary Léclosion lowtech by Lorenzo Biagini. Nicolas Nouhaud Esteban Stephan. Previewed during the weekend of Lowtech. Lab communities last fall this journey to meet lowtech initiatives brings together projects.

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