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EAT strategy, the best kept SEO secret

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EAT strategy, the best kept SEO secret

Google announced an update to its core algorithm last September and another recently when launching BERT. In these announcements, the EAT strategy plays a fundamental role. What is EAT? Relax, we will see it a little later in this note, with examples and tools that can help you.It is important to try to understand what the updates mean because the search engine rarely provides details about the changes it makes. The conclusions of all the movements show something UNEQUAL: Google is putting the human approach before dogmatic tips. That is, the algorithm Israel Phone Number List prioritizes relevance and user experience above everything else , from search to site. If you generate content, this information is highly relevantThis is Google’s statement on its main updates. By September 2019 and BERT, just announced, it could be several weeks before sites notice a difference in their search traffic.Google is making the biggest change to its search system since the company introduced RankBrain almost five years ago. BERT started rolling out this week for inquiries in English now and will expand to other languages.

What is BERT? It is Google’s technique based on the neural network for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training . In short, BERT can help computers understand language a bit more like humans do. This means that BERT analyzes search queries, not web pages.When is BERT used? Google notes that BERT helps to better understand the nuances and context of words in searches so that it can deliver more relevant results.How can you prepare your site for Google algorithm updates? The answer is an EAT strategy what the heck does it mean?A low EAT level is one of the main factors for Google to rate a site below average.In this framework, and given that the user experience has become so relevant, you must ask yourself, is your content relevant, informative and beneficial for readers who are looking for information?

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If you answer affirmatively, you will have to answer. Is your content better than that of the sites that appear in the first positions when someone does a search with which you would like to appear? Otherwise, that would have to be improved, how?Trying to determine if your content has an emphasis on EAT can be Doctors Email List abstract. However, there are some simple things you can do to make sure it is optimized correctly, especially if you do content marketing or at least generate content regularly:First, on your site, if multiple people write, they should improve their profiles and author biographies. Sites that feature author profiles with extensive and detailed biographies on the topics their content deals with dramatically improve user trust, and therefore Google’s. These profiles should be easy to find and navigate on the site.Additionally, you should check your “About us” page. You should edit it as if Google is going to give it a trust and experience score. Although you may not think it is relevant, the search engine obtains important contextual information from these pages, and for the user this adds up many points in terms of their online experience.

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