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Generate leads, why does your brand fail to do so?

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Generate leads, why does your brand fail to do so?

Before answering the question, why does your brand fail to generate leads? It would be necessary to fully understand what is a lead?A lead is a person who shows interest in the content, products or services of your brand, and therefore gives you their data. Leads for a commercial brand are potential clients, for a CSO they are followers related to its cause; for a political party, they are possible voters, etc.As you will see, generating leads is perhaps the most relevant task that the digital marketing and communication team has, whether we are talking about content efforts, SEO, or even ads on Google or social networks.

This is what drives continued growth, but it must be said … many digital marketers find the constant search for new leads extremely challenging and exhausting.According to the HubSpot report , generating more traffic and new leads remains the most important marketing challenge year after year; but beware… more than 60% of the teams affirm that this is the most difficult part of their work, especially because there Cyprus Phone Number List is more and more competition and because phenomena such as zero click complicate things a lot.If your brand has struggled with generating leads, there is a high possibility that the culprit is one or more of these three mistakes.Understanding your audience is the foundation of any marketing strategy. But unfortunately, many marketing teams are simply at a loss.Many only have a general idea of ​​the people in their target market, or they know the basics, such as age range, general location, or even median income. They lack solid buyer persona and therefore the confusion is great because they do not understand something very important: the intention.Do you really understand the intention and needs of your users when they search online?Do you know why they need your product exactly and what would make them want to specifically buy your brand over another?

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Understanding the underlying reasons that drive people to make a purchase is critical. In general, there are three main reasons:You must know exactly what drives your audience … Do you cover a need like no one else does? Is your cost a strength? Is your brand well positioned in your industry or sector?A local supermarket could create content and advertisements about the benefits of proximity and fresh food; a low-cost one could focus entirely Doctors Email List on savings and promotions; While a large chain can even rely on testimonials and branding.As you will see, when you know well why they approach your brand, it is possible to create content and ads accordingly, and therefore they click with your audience. However, when you do not know, you have to cover all the possibilities, which is not efficient or cheap, since much of the budget will be wasted.Another killer mistake that many marketing teams are guilty of is forgetting keyword targeting. That is, they lack a structured idea about what terms their audience google and therefore what content they should generate.In general, teams should conduct keyword research to get a general idea of ​​the phrases and words that their audience will search for and thus have a better chance of generating relevant traffic; then they will do their best to incorporate them into all of their content from then on.Unfortunately, keyword research is not a one-size-fits-all project; You need to constantly update to see if there are new ways to engage audiences and how long-tail keywords can be developed .

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