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Get to know the main professions of the future that

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Get to know the main professions of the future that

Do you know the professions of the future? They all have one factor in common: the technological revolution we are experiencing! A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about new technologies and how the world would change dramatically around the year 2020. Many curious predictions emerged about how our lives would be affected by all the changes to come. The fact is that we are already experiencing a technological revolution that until then only existed in science fiction stories. If Generation X was looking for stability and acquisition of goods, are looking for experience, which is not necessarily linked to consumer goods. Generation Z, on the other hand, was born in the digital age, being more agitated young people who do many things at the same time. And not in vain do they represent the technological future of the labor market, since they look for trends of this type.More and more people use private transport apps, just as more and more people prefer to rent a property to live to buy their own. The logic of the labor market will always be

The main professions of the future that are already

aligned with scientific innovation, as technology develops and new demands are emerging in the world. That is why there is so much talk about innovation companies, which do nothing more than adapt to social demand. Companies such as did not only emerge with luck, but they did so with innovation and with this innovation also came changes in positions and functions. And it is based on market demand analysis, we can present you the professions of the future, which will be in great demand in the coming Software developers They are and will be, for a long time, professionals valued in the market, since they are part of the group that creates the new systems that automate processes. Without the developers, nothing we know of would be in full swing today. They analyze, understand, execute and perform maintenance on platforms and 4 languages ​​that help in business services. However, developers will continue to be one of the most

Get to know the main professions of the future that

Specialists in Customer Get to know the main professions

important axes within the professions of the future. 2. Specialists in Customer / User Service There are some variations for this professional on the market, such as Customer Success or in the literal translation, Customer Success. The function of this professional is to ensure that the client has all the necessary advice on a contracted product / service. It is already common to find these professionals in e – commerce companies and other platforms, who appreciate the result and positive customer experience . 3. Creators These professionals are already on the rise and promise to stay for years to come. They are those people who make a living producing content for the Internet, also known as digital influencers . The creator has a total dominance of social networks, especially Instagram. The great success of these professionals is

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