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You Have a Greater Chance Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

The impact of COVID-19 on customer experience in the Netherlands was still significant in 2021, but less significant than in the ‘corona outbreak year’ 2020. Last year, the Exit Mobile Phone Numbers economy slowly but surely recovered. Growing demand for products and services also Exit Mobile Phone Numbers brought challenges, including supply difficulties, staff shortages and scarcity of raw materials. Many B2B companies were also forced to digitize the buyer and customer journey. Applying more Exit Mobile Phone Numbers hybrid forms of collaboration and online measurement was the credo.

Customer experience in 2022 Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Despite the challenges, all developments added together Exit Mobile Phone Numbers resulted in more enthusiastic customers on average. For example, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) rose from +11 in 2020 to +16 in 2021. On average, companies scored 7.9 on customer satisfaction. This is apparent from the recent NPS benchmark report ‘Customer experience in the Netherlands 2022’.As in previous Exit Mobile Phone Numbers years, the report shows differences by industry. For example, the industrial and wholesale sectors once again score well. The wholesale sector predominates with no less than 47% promoters. The NPS here, just like in the industry, is and scores an average satisfaction of 8.2. ICT is in the middle Exit Mobile Phone Numbers bracket with an NPS of  The demand for ICT and telecom services is increasing due to the faster development of digital technology, partly due to corona.

Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

More enthusiastic customers Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

This sector has also gained momentum due to more Exit Mobile Phone Numbers home and hybrid working. Corona caused a huge spike in demand for logistics services. There is, however, a small decrease in the NPS. This amounted to +10 in 2020 and +9 in 2021. And for the third year Exit Mobile Phone Numbers in a row, the construction and installation sector manages to increase.

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