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How I wrote and published Hacker Protester

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How I wrote and published Hacker Protester

Since my adolescence the question of design and hacking torments me challenges me also allows me to create. I did a lot of projects in this direction when I was a student at ENSAD until I made it my diploma project which I called Citizen Hacking in 00. I also have a category on the subject of creative hacking on my blog and in 0 I published the book Hacker Citizen available in digital version on the question of the creative reappropriation of the city and urban space by citizens. But today my gaze and my ideas are focused on citizen revolutions and protests in favor of social and environmental justice. Citizens hack the system.

My action plan independence

There is not a day when this is not topical and the citizens of the whole world are showing immense imagination and endless creativity to defend themselves to act to protest to bring to life the struggles that animate them in the face of oppressive policies. Thus I embarked on the creation of this book to collect clarify image project and disseminate background remove service these tools of citizen struggles with a committed and methodical approach. To be fast efficient incisive free in my writing my drawing and my ideas I told myself that I was going to write this book alone like a grownup without a publishing house without a distribution platform and… without Amazon. Similarly I wanted to make a financially accessible book but printed in France. My goal was to make this book exist. Afterwards if I sell 00 or 000 that suits me very well.

background remove service

Find the projects

Anyway I’m not looking to be rich and even less with a book that doesn’t interest me. List the projects do the illustrations interview people create a website set up an online payment solution take photos of the book retouch them make a press kit Doctors Email List create a logo create a publishing house. edition correct the book create categories for the book create low poly pictograms integrate the corrections of the interviews create the illustrations of the interviewees create stickers list the local printers contact the printers request quotes for printing adapt the website for its mobile version write the summary of the book write the acknowledgments create a bibliography.

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