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How to communicate to the media to publish your content: Tips for brands that inspire

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How to communicate to the media to publish your content: Tips for brands that inspire

Contents. That’s where brands can find more value than in any type of ad. Everyone wants it, but few seem to have understood the secret behind this marketing elixir. The key to understanding it is knowing how to create something meaningful, true … but then, how do you communicate to the media and influencers, make them fall in love and make them reproduce it and / or speak for you?In an ideal world, brands would have to be generating their own content marketing strategy taking advantage of the benefits of the digital universe. Although the truth is that many of them do not even understand the term and seem, in the manner of 30 years ago, to continue to be in love with the press and the media, persecuting their platonic love as adolescents; begging them to publish their communications that in the end nobody reads.

Although it is well known that good content kills a press release , we do not mean that brands should open their own content site and completely forget about their relationship with the press and media. These are two complementary and fundamental axes in any marketing strategy.Knowing how to communicate to the media is Paraguay Phone Number List key to maximizing the reach of your marketing efforts and strengthening the credibility of your brand. In this sense, the first thing you should understand is that, as with any audience, it is necessary to understand who they are and what their role is, and then make them fall in love.

If you really want the secret of how to communicate to the media, you must forget everything you think you know about it.Dozens of PR agencies use the same formula to communicate: Send newsletters to a huge database, organize expensive press conferences, and make tons of RSVP calls from loads of journalists. The more the merrier.The method worked for years; or so it was believed. In the end, the brands received from their PR agency a list of mentions in all the media they could get and that seemed to be enough. The problem, as always, came with digital.In offline publications, the media impose a limited set of content on the reader. When you have a printed magazine in your hands, you have a certain number of articles because there are a limited number of pages. That doesn’t happen online.

However, the above is far from good news. This fact only means that currently no mention in digital media, by itself, guarantees a real impact … because the publication of a medium does NOT guarantee that someone will see the information or the statement … in fact, in many media there are pages that have never been visited.Yes … as you read it, the information may be published and never have been seen. Think … if you never appeared on the cover of any digital media, or distributed your note on social networks or a newsletter, how would an audience reach it?

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Of course, if you are an unscrupulous advertiser, that should not matter to you … you will continue to report a list of media publishing your brand information (many continue to do so); But if you care about the real impact and that what is published is read and seen, you must go further.In this reality, the secret is how to communicate to the media. It’s editors, journalists, and influencers who can really help you reach your desired audience. You have to fall in love with them before anyone else.Once you are aware of it; Let us reveal to you some of the secrets that will help you win over your future allies.You may have spent several years thinking that in order to win the trust of consumers, your brand had to look perfect. It must have been great, right? Worthy of the gods!

What if I told you that all your efforts to get her into Olympus are useless? They are; Not just because no brand is perfect, but because no one is there.Most brands have no idea how to communicate to the media. They want journalists, influencers and consumers to talk about them, but they think that the media and Doctors Email List the audience are eager to hear about their activities and results. False! In fact, according to the Meaningful Brands 2019 study , 8 out of 10 brands could disappear and no one would care.Brands are too worried about being talked about and being talked about well… It is precisely their gigantic ego that ends up completely ruining their communication. They do not ask themselves, is what I am communicating interesting or relevant? Am I making it easy for influencers, media, publishers and editors to talk about me?

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