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How to create a coherent and profitable online food store

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How to create a coherent and profitable online food store

Creating an e-commerce from scratch is always complicated, why are we going to fool ourselves. But not impossible! If you are thinking about setting up an online food store , pay a lot of attention to this post, because it will give you the keys to at least survive the tortuous first year. Tip: get a pencil and paper.What sets you apart from the competition? For what reason should the customer buy from you and not from the 20 e-commerce that he has at his fingertips? Add your value proposition from minute one on the home page, landings, networks and any communication you carry out. And remember: what differentiates your product is not that it is the best on the market . Please understand that this message is going nowhere and that the customer simply ignores it. Seriously, it’s like I don’t see it.

What differentiates you may be that your fruit Singapore Business Phone List comes from local farmers in Madrid or that your La Mancha cheeses are made in a truly artisan way, without any type of industrial process. That gives a value.Set yourself a series of objectives before launching your food e-commerce . Difference between long and short term objectives, primary and secondary . In this way, you will know where you want to go and what sense all your actions should have. Short-term goals are 10 months ahead and long-term goals are 18-24 months ahead. Consider what you want to achieve in both cases, but remember that, if you are starting out, setting very high sales goals in the short term is not going to do you much good.

The difference between the main and the secondary ones will be seen very clearly with an example. A main objective would be “I want to invoice X”, while a secondary objective Doctors Email List would be “I need X number of leads (even if they are not clients yet)”. That the second can help the first? Yes, but they are not exactly the same .Basic in any project, whether online or offline , in Spain or China. If you do not know your audience almost (and without almost) as if you had given birth to them, you are going badly. And I’m not just talking about basic demographics, but about their interests and the purchase phase they are in when they take you to your website.

To do this, you must differentiate between the people who come to your online food store with a transactional demand (which is already willing to buy) or informational (which for now is only being informed). Our proud co-founder of Marketing Paradise, Jorge García , explains it much better under these lines .SEO positioning and SEM , social networks and social media ads . That if you want a 1% conversion (which is already saying), you have to get 100 unique visitors for each sale!

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