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How to create a conversion landing page?

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How to create a conversion landing page?

Getting your website visitors to finish buying your product or closing any sales process you have on it is known as “conversion.” We could say that it is the conversion of a visitor into a customer.However, making this happen can sometimes be really difficult. In general, the ideal web pages to achieve a conversion are landing pages . But why? Basically because its main function is precisely to convert visitors into potential customers through the famous “ calls to action ”.These can include a form, a chat and any form of capturing relevant information, which is usually your email, in order to complete the sales objectives that we have.The landing page is part of your website, which works to create an individual conversion. That is, it is a page developed to create clients exclusively.

It is the place where a visitor arrives after we have made a call to action or the well-known CTAs. This page is focused solely on a sale, it does not have navigation tabs that distract the visitor in your goal of Colombia Cell Phone Numbers List converting them into customers.The conversion rate is a metric, that is, it is the statistic with which we measure the return on our dedicated investment, whether in digital marketing campaigns or traditional marketing campaigns , in relation to the sales produced thanks to them.For this we must always obtain accurate information from our visitors in a form. The way that it reaches our landing page or landing page will be established by the marketing strategies that we propose.

The request for a budget, the registration of a newsletter , the forms, are the means by which we capture the relevant information for the metrics. Understanding how a visitor goes from just reading and browsing the page to giving us their information is very important. Since this will tell us how efficient the strategy we have proposed is, in addition to giving us concrete results of how sales are going.The sales funnel is a graph that allows us to separate the different stages of the sale. In it we have visitors, leads , opportunities and customers. The conversion rate is calculated between all these stages and mainly taking the narrowest (or weakest) part that is that of the clients.Why is it the weakest? Because there are records that more than 50% of people regret buying right at this stage if we do not act or make the corresponding calls to action.

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So, considering that a website has visitors for Leads; Leads for opportunities and opportunities for clients; With a volume of 10,000 visitors, of which only about 769 have completed a form, we calculate the rate as follows:The main thing to keep in mind here is for a campaign to be effective we must have a landing page. Well, these are created for a specific audience. Landing pages are built for specialized offers, in this way we can better track all the visitors generated through a campaign and use tools to convert them into customers.In short, it is a page designed to convert your target audience into customers. And to achieve this you must know perfectly this audience, what they want Doctors Email List and how they want it. In addition to setting clear, specific objectives and global goals for your brand.This page creates standard results like new subscribers shared content, for example, that will help you establish your future strategies.The landing page is the sales tool that you cannot miss in your strategies, optimize them and create the right components for it, it is to have a design with specific content for your audience, thinking about customer conversion.
For them, you must generate an experience of value to the user that gives them the impetus they need to achieve the purchase of your product or service.

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