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How To Create A Memorable Slogan For Your Company?

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How To Create A Memorable Slogan For Your Company?

Stand out from competitors, convey the essence of a brand or product are the key tasks of slogans. In this article, you will find tips on how to find a catchy phrase that will help your business. The first is brevity. The best slogans contain 1 to 6 words Think” by Apple or “Drive Your Dreams” by Toyota. At the same time, emotionalize and memorability are important: impress the audience and achieve simple identification.

Simplicity is important, so that each word can be easily pronounced. The slogan must have a meaning so that the customer understands what the speech is about and associates the image of the product with the phrase. As an example, the phrase from PlayStation: “Live in your world, play in ours Live in your world, play in ours.” Women wear makeup to increase their status and attractiveness. The slogan does not describe the brand’s products, it says that the products will give the owner the image she deserves. The phrase allowed the company to go beyond the limits of a conventional cosmetics manufacturer and reach premium customers. This is part of the brand’s strategy.

Betcha Can’t Eat Just One  – I bet you can’t eat just one? – by Lay’s
A good message that would fit any snack maker. The point is, Lay’s used it first, and with great success. The phrase does not focus on taste and properties. Rather, the emphasis is on a characteristic of human psychology: very few can stop eating potato chips. The slogan successfully continued the brand’s marketing strategy: reach the maximum target audience that buys its snacks. The phrase was accompanied by an advertising campaign that compared the temptation to eat one potato after another with the offering of an apple to Eva and other similar stories.

Think Different think Different – from Apple The slogan was used for an advertising video dedicated to people who went against the system and were able to change it. The phrase is an example of a successful South Korea Phone Number List  competitor loan with an ironic accent. While the IBM company, its direct competitor, promoted the phrase “Think”, Apple suggested “Think differently.” Under this phrase, the company offered the public innovative, powerful and easy-to-use products. It really was a different way of looking at personal computers. According to Forbes, the brand’s shares tripled in the year the campaign was launched.

From theory to practice: 3 ways to create a catchphrase
1. Do it yourself First, choose between 50 and 70 words that describe your company product. Then select multiple synonyms for each word. For convenience, organize the words in a diagram or table. Next, avoid cliches We are the best, jargon, and phrases that can only be understood by a small community. Select the best options according to the criteria of originality, uniqueness, credibility, reflection of the brand’s personality. Test them on your target audience.

Advantages of the method: the ability to independently and free of charge create a slogan that corresponds to the philosophy of the company. Use an online generator There are many online tools on the internet that you can use to create a slogan, for example you can create a slogan with Log aster. Automate all the processes described in the previous paragraph. It is enough to indicate only the name of the company and the area of ​​the business. The service will generate dozens of ready-to-use phrases. The only thing left is to choose the right ones and test them.

Advantages: full automation, free generation, the possibility of obtaining a slogan in a single corporate style with a logo. sales, you need a tagline. Its creation is a very important development advertising tool. Analyze your customers and your company. Understand your audience needs, highlight your key advantage. Create a simple phrase that is easy to remember from the first time.

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