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How To Create A Unique Logo For Your Business: Trendy Or Classic?

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How To Create A Unique Logo For Your Business: Trendy Or Classic?

There are millions of logos in the world, so creating a unique symbol that represents your company is a challenge. However, considering how important this element is in helping your business be recognized and remembered, it really pays to put the effort into creating a unique logo.Now the questions are: How to create a logo? What are the characteristics of successful logos? How often should I update my company logo? In this article I have tried to give answers to the most common questions about business logo construction. Why do you need a logo and corporate style?

A corporate sign is a small image that symbolizes a business and works to attract customers. But using a logo on a site without other branding elements is like selling a product without packaging. The emblem should work together with the rest of the identity tools: brand name, colors, fonts, tagline and graphics that form style. We tell you in more detail why you need to use the corporate identity on your site.To be remembered. Researchers have found that the eye path of users scanning content on the site resembles the letter “F”. The main focus is on the top horizontal part which is the page header. If done corporate style with the use of the logo, customers will quickly understand who you are, what you offer and will remember the brand.

To stand out from the competition. Branding elements reflect the personality of the company and tell customers how it differs from its competitors. Make sure your identity stands out from other companies in your niche. To build loyalty. A well-thought-out corporate identity creates a positive brand image and emotionally links customers to you. By seeing your logo elsewhere (advertising on social media or on souvenir products), people will recognize and trust your brand. Verify ownership. Chinese manufacturers can sign Abibas, Rebok or Nike products as often as they like, but there is nothing real brands need to worry about: their trademarks along with logos are protected by copyright. The original corporate identity confirms the quality of the products and their ownership.
How to always be in fashion?

Like any industry, graphic design has its own trends. Do you need to follow   Czech Republic Phone Number List create a logo for a site that will remain relevant regardless of fashion trends. Simplification of fonts. The easier the message is read, the faster it is perceived. This principle is guided by global brands, massively abandoning serif fonts. In recent years, Google, Verizon, Calvin Klein, and Century 21 have become closer to users.The bright colors that overlap symbolize the union of several messages. For example, the three colors that intersect in the logo of the social network Tik Tok, which signify the synthesis of video, music and users.

Designers distinguish part of the logo by asymmetry, typographic experiments (replacement of letters, non-standard combinations) or a small bright spot, as if they had been drawn with a marker on the image. The gradient Instagram has set the trend for this effect. The main thing to remember is that the modern gradient should be smooth, giving the impression of a single color. Use the Adobe Color service to harmoniously match tones. Source New geometry The geometry framework expands: not only are standard shapes used in modern logos. Designers can divide a circle into four parts and combine them or combine several elements, as in the Airborne logo. In a simple appearance style, the human head (the user on the site), the echolocation icon (the place where the house is located), the heart (love for users) and the letter A (the first in the name) are encrypted .

Three win-win ways to stay in style Classic in black and white.
The Chanel logo, two interlocking black letters “C”, has not changed for many years. The Nike logo, the famous black check mark, looks equally relevant regardless of trends. Remember that black and white colors are associated with style and elegance; put this technique into practice. Simple geometry Simple lines are always in style.

Examples are the Levi’s logo in the form of an arched line on the back pocket of the jeans, or the yellow rectangle in the National Geographic emblem, symbolizing the door to the world of knowledge. The hidden meaning Do not overload the logo with unnecessary elements, it is better to take care of the original semantic load. Such icons attract attention and are perfectly remembered. The FedEx text logo looks simple, but there is a hidden part: an arrow made up of the letters E and X. It symbolizes movement and forward thinking.The smart balance between chasing trends and the need to update the logo

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