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How To Create Content That Helps You Generate Backlinks To Your Site To Improve Your Seo

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How To Create Content That Helps You Generate Backlinks To Your Site To Improve Your Seo

Creating quality content, without a doubt, is one of the foundations of an effective Content Marketing strategy. And it is precisely that, the fundamental characteristic of the content to generate back links. The volume of published content increases exponentially every year and with this a great doubt arises. With so much information on the Internet, how can I make my content visible to my audience?

Achieving a good position in search engines is a fundamental requirement to increase the visibility of a page. In that regard, well-thought-out SEO strategies are essential to achieve this. However, one of them has a very important role this purpose: the generation of back-links. Back links are those links, placed on other websites, that direct the reader to one of your placed pages. In other words, they are the external links that one of your content receives.

At first glance, its importance may be obvious, when someone places a link from a page on your website, it sends you more web traffic. However, the value of this strategy is much broader. One of the factors that Google considers for the ranking of websites is the traffic  Dominican Republic Phone Number List generated by other pages to a domain. That is, the more domains your pages link, the more authority your website will gain and will have a better position in the search results pages, which we know as RESP. What to take into account to produce content that generates back-links? Link baiting is the name of the passive practice that aims to create content to generate back links and is based on the development of high quality content.

For a content to generate back links it must have the characteristics that we will mention below. Nowadays, it is very common to do a search on Google and find results that are very similar to each other, but that do not really satisfy the need of the reader. Not because they fail to address the user’s search intent, but because they are superficial and predictable.

However, when we read content that didactically addresses a topic, without being superficial, we take it as a reference for future reference.Another fundamental factor for a content to be relevant is that it responds to what it really promises in the title. It is very common to find on the net, a very striking title that invites you to click and when reading the article we realize that it does not correspond to the title that it bears. This, in addition to removing any possibility of back links, is a negative practice for any brand. Ultimately, creating relevant content is the first step to generating back links. These characteristics are not exclusive, the same content can be educational, inspiring and entertaining at the same time.

Meanwhile, we know that it is not always possible to reconcile these three particularities in the same text. In those cases, stick with one or, if possible, two and build them on all of your content.

Must be original
When we say that it must be original, we do not want to limit ourselves to telling you that plagiarism is a practice that has to be totally discarded, but rather that you do a little more than others have already done. your texts with images and videos that facilitate understanding. This is a good strategy, both to attract the reader and to complement the information and make your material richer.It must produce some kind of emotion Emotion is one of the triggers for sharing. When generating some feeling – be it anger, happiness, emotion, fear, among others – a large part of the readers react by sharing this content.

Surely, you will not be able to do this in all your content, but you can possibly use this resource in some in which you use storytelling, for example. If your content has the characteristics that we have mentioned so far, invite them to share it. This is a resource that you should use only in your best content, those that really meet the conditions to be shared. In this way, you will not trivialize this type of CTA. Another essential resource that should not be missing on your blog pages are the share buttons on social networks. Making it easier for your readers will help your content to be more and more frequent on the networks.

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