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How to get them to talk about your brand …

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How to get them to talk about your brand …

Could a brand publish content on social networks … and then it be shared by one of its followers and in that post from its follower, reach in an organic way, more than 56 thousand reactions and 112 thousand shares? … It sounds very unlikely, it’s not like that? However, we will show you that they may talk about your brand like this … and we will tell you how.

In most of our marketing trainings , sooner or later, a question comes … How to stand out in the middle of so much noise? How to stand out not only above the messages of our competitors but through the stridency of the web? Care used to be cheap… today it is the most expensive coin. How to own it? How to make them talk about your brand?No matter what your marketing goal is – selling, brand presence, engagement, reputation – your brand not only competes with its niche rivals, but with everything online. All. Do not you believe it? Open your Instagram, Facebook or any other social network and you will realize the amount of content that a common user can access at any time of the day. From brand messages to updates from family and friends … It’s a monstrous amount … and this happens every time you open your Saudi Arabia Phone Number List with any network or application. Everything asks for your attention.Deloitte noted that in 2018 we checked our smartphones an average of 52 times per day. Which means that the number of messages we see every time we access a social network, a page or a search engine, is multiplied by at least 50 … every day.
In 2000, Microsoft conducted a study that measured how long people can focus on one thing during a specific period of time. The results showed that the average attention span of a person was 12 seconds. By 2015, the time had dropped to 8 seconds. Today, it is surely less, why does this happen?

According to the Technical University of Denmark, our attention span is shrinking due to the abundance of information presented to us. There are so many things that demand our attention that we can only focus on each one for a very short period of time.So… do you really think that you are going to get attention by putting a typical ad on Google or Facebook ?; Have you noticed that the cost of these ads keeps increasing? This is because they are less and less effective in gaining attention and earning a click costs more and more.

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If you use Facebook advertising, you will know that statistically it costs about $ 0.97 per click, or if you use CPM, about $ 9.00 per 1000 impressions. (This varies by lens but is a good image overall.)The reality is that this is turning into an all or nothing battle. Brands today are relevant or they simply are not. How to win in this area?If you are thinking about any of the attributes of your product or service, I am sorry to tell you that you Doctors Email List are doing marketing of the last century. No matter what industry you develop in, the market offer is so wide and advancing at such speed that it has covered needs for your consumers that even they did not know they had.In a world where differential benefits are quickly copied and extinguished, product features tend to cease to be real differentiators.The answer to how to make them remember your brand is not to list its multiple qualities. After all, no one has ever genuinely liked others by talking only about themselves… and that’s the foundation for understanding inbound marketing .Brands that transcend, brands that inspire , tend to aim higher and strive to be relevant to audiences at all times… and not just when they need them.

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