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How to improve your brand reputation with content

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How to improve your brand reputation with content

Is it possible to position your brand only with content? Build a place in the mind of your audience? Create engagement? Generate loyalty? Improve brand reputation with content?The answer is yes … of course, to be, you need to appear … And remember: popular is that they talk about you … reputation is what they say about you. Are you in control of your brand?A good content marketing strategy should serve to create an image, a positioning, generate connections and awaken desires… but as a consequence, also to build and improve the brand reputation.And in such a reality, where any event runs like wildfire on social media, your brand reputation can vary from one second to another and this means that people continue to buy your products … or not.

Do you remember when the scandal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone that caught fire in airplanes ran on the networks?These events happen … to large and small brands, all the time … but if you have enough content on the web that speaks well of your brand, these cases will not be able to harm you or at least not to the same extent. Likewise, negative reviews on review sites or social networks will not cause as much impact because you will have defenders of your brand.Online reputation management starts with having a content strategy. A company cannot afford to wait until there is a blazing fire to assemble the tools it needs to calm things down.Rather, you don’t just need to use tools to handle a reputational crisis; it requires having fortifications in the form of optimized content on the web, on your blog and on your social networks.

It is also very important that all online content and digital communications are optimized to be found in your audience’s searches.This includes any digital content available on the web, anywhere: optimized text, optimized images, optimized video and / or audio so that the content generates better results Lebanon Phone Number List in search engines.Think about this, have you googled your brand name? What appears? What content? What videos? What images? What networks?If any of the results on the 1st page of Google is negative, you have a problem … and if none is relevant, you also have one … because that means that you will not be able to impact the audience that interests you. Go, go, do the exercise!Many consider that managing online reputation consists of deleting negative mentions or comments about a brand. In fact, many companies often contact SEO specialists to do just that. Surprise! It’s not possible. It is only feasible to downplay it before the search engine, positioning strong and consistent content.Reputational problems can arise suddenly and without warning.

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Dell learned this the hard way in 2005, when it decided to cut its customer service. Of course, he didn’t count on blogger Jeff Jarvis having an incident with one of his teams. Frustrated with the Doctors Email List company’s refusal to repair or replace his faulty computer, Jarvis posted an open letter to CEO Michael Dell on his BuzzMachine blog .The letter became one of the most widely read, discussed, linked and viral articles … with more than 700 comments in an era where social networks were not so explosive! Imagine what it would be like today!The country’s newspapers and magazines carried the story of what came to be called the Dell Hell.

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