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I pick up the poop a fun and effective campaign

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I pick up the poop a fun and effective campaign

The phrase that sounds like a child’s game – I scoop up the poop – has been a resounding success as a form of education for those who have pets in a responsible manner. A fun campaign for responsible dog ownership, launched by the regional government. Although the campaign is called Beware of the Dog , the video in which Mario Hugo , a well-known character from the France Mobile Database children’s program “31 Minutes” , comments on how he takes care of his dog and insists on a point that is quite important for the health of the community: “I collect the poop ”. Although the campaign was launched in July, it was not until this week that the commercial appeared on television that it began to go viral.

The program, created by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Metropolitan Regional Council and the group “Santiago, together better region”, promotes the care of pets (starting with dogs) and their responsible ownership that implies veterinary care and review, sterilization and the possibility to identify them by means of microchips. Dog owners may, for a period of two years, go to the municipality of their commune and obtain the benefits for their pets, completely free of charge. France Mobile Number List

Along with the above, the Brother Cell Phone List campaign includes educational workshops in more than 500 educational establishments in the capital, where a manual for responsible dog ownership will also be delivered. The first canine identification record will also begin by means of collars and their respective QR code, microchip and identification card. While the video “I pick up the poop”, due to its rhythm and recurrence of the term, is all the rage among adults and children.

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