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In A Sales-oriented Company Evert Hing Sells

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In A Sales-oriented Company Evert Hing Sells

The sales of an Organization are not a question of “the salespeople”. This is a duality for the purposes of the Business interests that little help to commercial effectiveness and competitive profile. In a sales-oriented company, the WHOLE company sells!: Infrastructure, corporate communication, support staff, suppliers, clients (above all), and, finally, the direct contact team: “the vendors”. For strategic management purposes, the holistic approach, that is, the consideration of the system as a whole, does not help to process details and contingencies, but in terms of sales, the holistic approach is the most appropriate.

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Understanding the peculiarities of a holistic approach to governance is not difficult. It is something similar to what happens with the human body. People have (usually) a comprehensive conception of their body. The system works as a whole and each part performs its function perfectly synchronized. There is no particular perception of any organ or function as long as everything operates correctly. The brain commands the system and every cell in the body responds accordingly.

For the purposes of the general Administration of an Organization, the holistic approach is dangerous for a basic reason: it does not adequately assess the influences of the environment. A company is not an entity alien to the conditions of its environment, on the contrary, it is highly dependent on what it determines. This is why “vertical-down” direction lines (the guiding brain), nor centralized considerations, do not work

An Organization needs to adopt a “tactical approach” to govern itself according to the conditioning of its environment and prevail. This approach favors “vertical-ascending” lines of direction and decentralized consideration of decision processes. In a tactical approach, there is  Singapore Phone Number List obviously a duality management that represents the interests of the company, on the one hand, and environmental factors on the other. Now, in the case of sales the matter is different. A sales-oriented company needs to take a holistic governance approach to its business interests. The entire Organization must be planned, structured and directed based on the interests of sales. The entire Organization!

This means, in a nutshell, that everything and everyone sells. The infrastructure is available according to the facility and support it can provide to customers. Corporate communication in the same way. The picture. Administrative processes. And, of course, all the staff. Secretaries sell, receptionists, messengers, accountants, production workers, vendors, etc. They all sell! This is a holistic approach to sales orientation. An absolutely necessary way to govern commercial interests, regardless of the Organization as such adopting a tactical approach to its comprehensive governance.

There are two types of functions in a business organization, those related to the Business itself and the support (or bureaucratic) tasks that support it. The functions of the Business are only two: production and sales. Only from them is the very meaning of “negotiate” perfected: “activity that generates utility, interest or profit for those who put it into practice”.

Accounting, to take an example, is a useful support function, but its existence is only justified insofar as it constitutes support for the Business. No company makes a living from accounting (unless its own business is to sell accounting services). The same happens with maintenance, administration, finance, logistics, human resources, etc. All are “cost centers” that are sustained solely from the profit that they represent to production and sales. On the other hand, as the production of something that eventually cannot be sold cannot be considered, of the two functions of the Business, Sales always prevail. Here is a summary of the cycle of the raisin ‘of organizations: sales perfect the Business.

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