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In the UK they publicly put a red face on influencers who break the rules

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In the UK they publicly put a red face on influencers who break the rules

It is no secret that influencers  online belgium phone number often play games of distraction and do not properly tag the sponsored content they post on their social networks. However, from now on the prescribers who  online belgium phone number skip the rules will have to face in the United Kingdom the embarrassment of seeing their names on a kind of “black list ” published on their  online belgium phone number website by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the body that watches over advertising self-control in the British country. The first influencers to be exposed on this “black list” are Chloe Ferry, Chloe

Khan, Jodie Marsh and Lucy  online belgium phone number Mecklenburgh , who after appearing on different reality shows accumulate hundreds of online belgium phone number  thousands of followers on social networks (where they are not taken, however, the hassle of clearly and online belgium phone number  transparently labeling your business collaborations with brands). The ASA had previously contacted the


four influencers with the aim of  doctorsemaillist urging them to tag posts of a sponsored nature on their online belgium phone number  social networks in a timely  online belgium phone number manner. However, the four influencers ignored the agency’s warnings or, even having promised to  online belgium phone number abide by the rules, relapsed again.

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