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Influencer marketing and brand reputation

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Influencer marketing and brand reputation

When it comes to a person’s reputation, there is a clear rule: An individual is evaluated not only by his actions but by those with whom he associates and lives.If someone visualizes a group of people doing good things, they will see anyone associated with them as a good person. On the contrary, if they catch a group of people doing unethical things, they will group all the members of that group in the category of unethical.Humans tend to make emotional decisions first, and in this framework, people create perceptions by association. You may wonder why this is important and what does it have to do with influencer marketing and brand reputation?The reason is that this same phenomenon applies to companies and their brands, and in a reality where influencer marketing is one of the strongest trends in marketing, you have to analyze very well with whom you align your brand.

Influencers help you to retain your target, and it should be noted that there are connections that cannot be achieved today, if it is not by using this type of strategy.How do you know who Jordan Phone Number List should represent your company in a campaign? Nobody wants to bet their reputation on a bad choice. It is true that there are expert influencer marketing companies that can give you good guidance, but in any case you should always have well defined the qualities that you should look for when choosing an influencer. Here are three questions that can help you:It is true that the influencer you choose does not have to address the issues in the same way that your company’s marketing does. After all, each person has their own personality and style. But it is important that the influencer knows and has the same values ​​of your business when expressing the message

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When you know and can specify the values ​​of your company, and also agree with them, you can shape a message according to your personality but aligned with the identity of the business.Your influencer must be able to share and promote the values ​​of your company to use their influence and give the public the Doctors Email List right impression of your brand and its products.If your marketing influencer has little understanding of how seriously people are taking corporate responsibility issues today , they shouldn’t be your spokesperson.An influencer must clearly understand that people will associate their behavior with the brands they represent.

A company expects its workers to share its ethics and sense of social responsibility, and expects the same from its influencer. This is the foundation of influencer marketing and brand reputation.If you want to avoid bad experiences, you must have the foresight as a company, to look for influencers aligned to what your business represents. There are many influencer marketing platforms that can help you make a more supported choice.When your company is in the middle of the hiring process, pay attention to what the influencers in question are doing with their influence. Avoid public relations and corporate reputation problems , preventing them well in advance.

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