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Information for bloggers and media. What should we send them?

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Information for bloggers and media. What should we send them?

Here, bloggers and the media play a very important role.If we are continuously creating and sending information for bloggers and media (press releases, videos, articles, study results, etc.), it is very possible that they will publish part of it at some point, referring us and earning in addition to the mention, a backlink , which also works for our SEO .Although for this to actually happen, you have to know how to communicate to the media , knowing exactly what each one is interested in, in addition to the content that we send must be of the highest quality and not mere crude and Guatemala Phone Number List commercial communications.Nike, for example, has an extraordinary press room , where it mixes news and branded content, but also continuously sends information to bloggers and media with very good materials (articles, videos, images, animated gifs, etc.)Today, many companies have a Branded Content strategy (publishing and sending content about the brand) executed through their digital PR agency .

As part of the functions they perform is to have contact and send information to bloggers and media (including influencers) to get them to publish part of the brand’s content and thus improve brand awareness and reputation .Unfortunately, their tactics are sometimes not very efficient. The reasons can be several:Within this framework, the consultancy Attach has created its second study on How to create an effective Branded Content and PR strategy with media, bloggers and influencers ?Before sending a content, remember that 80% of the media prefer to receive it ready

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to publish.
Before sending a content, remember that 80% of the media prefer to receive it ready
to publish.
9 out of 10 digital media choose email as a channel to receive information.
Create current or current content.
According to the content created, create a list of media related to the subject, so you will
avoid disturbing media with Doctors Email List content that is not of interest to them.
Try not to use capital letters in the matter, as you create a sense of urgency.
For digital media, the subject of the email and the person who writes them says a lot.
It is preferable to send the emails in the morning, so they can plan their day.
Keep in mind to vary the type of content to reach more media.
Consider that influencers and
bloggers generate their own content based on their experience with a product or service .
Remember to make responsive content for the web and social networks, since
bloggers and influencers use these platforms to communicate with their followers.

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