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Basic terms such  residential phone listing singapore asanalysis, marketing mix and balanced scorecard are described clearly and easily. I am sure that I will be able to reproduce what I have learned well in the long term and apply it in practice. That’s why I can warmly recommend  residential phone listing singapore the book.Marketing entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker is the managing director of the German Institute for Marketing in Cologne. The marketing professional researches, advises and trains in the field of  residential phone listing singapore marketing and sales. His core competence is characterized by his extensive specialist knowledge paired with a consistent entrepreneurial perspective and the ability to communicate complete facts in a target group-appropriate manner. He has acquired his entrepreneurial profile residential phone listing singapore  as managing director and board member of various marketing companies. Both as managing director of a market research company and as director of an advertising agency, he has acquired extensive management-oriented experience.



These entrepreneurial  doctorsemaillist activities shape his point of view and offer a useful basis for his distinctive marketing know-how. As a professor of marketing, Michael  residential phone listing singapore Bernecker teaches at the Fresenius University in Cologne in the fields of marketing and market research. His knowledge of entrepreneurial thinking residential phone listing singapore  and acting forms the basis of the business administration seminars. Several book publications, which are now considered standard works, and specialist residential phone listing singapore  articles support this competence. As a speaker, he appears at congresses and trade fairs. His expertise is also used by the media. Prof. Dr. Bernecker is married, has three children and lives in Cologne.

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