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Instagram Marketing in Times of COVID-19

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Instagram Marketing in Times of COVID-19

The last few weeks have been difficult all over the world; and it is important to understand how brands build relationships in this reality, especially on social media. Let’s talk about how Instagram Marketing moves in times of COVID-19 …Opinium recently conducted an online survey of 2,006 American adults ages 18 and older, and found that the percentage of customers wanting to hear more from brands during this time has been growing.Not surprisingly, consumers want to know more about the brands that provide the essentials: grocery stores, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, household goods, and food and beverages. But even the brands less relevant to the current crisis, such as the fitness, automotive, fashion and beauty brands, are not completely ignored.And what channels are preferred by users to receive these communications? TV, e-mail and social networks (organic posts) are the winners. Hence, it is so important to know the best practices that we can do on Instagram.
To do marketing in times of COVID-19 , brands around the world can take into account the experience of what they lived in China.

The Instagram accounts of 66 clothing brands that are active were analyzed and it was found that 52 of them changed their marketing.Additionally, some brands explored innovative ideas Bolivia Phone Number List to strengthen their customer relationships.Alo Yoga, GymShark, and Sweaty Betty, for example, posted home exercise videos on their official accounts to provide easy and convenient exercises to clients during social distancing. Furthermore, some brands that have carried out Instagram Marketing actions in times of COVID-19, have realized that quarantine and isolation can generate frustration and boredom, and therefore have provided their customers with entertainment such as lists of songs, movies and more content easy to use and share.In times of uncertainty, it is very important for brands to set clear expectations and share their preparation with customers.

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While most brands shared messages of solidarity, very few (2%) focused on establishing clear expectations of operation with customers (guarantees, cancellations, returns, refunds, etc.)Remember that there are customers who need to know how the brands will operate during this time. Instagram¬† Doctors Email List Marketing in times of COVID-19 also involves serving the customer, not just saying that they are supported … this is part of adapting toMany brands have realized that it is very important to understand and listen to customer emotions, especially during this time, and as a result, identify new marketing content that resonates with these evolving customers. In China, 12% of brands integrated these behaviors.In order to achieve them, social listening becomes indispensable; that is, pay attention to the sentiment of people on social networks to detect opportunities, adapt messages and even generate new products or services.Stories on Instagram, accompanied by questions and answers, are a great way to understand customer sentiments and discover the content that resonates with them. Merrell, Salomon and PUMA are among the brands that are using this tactic, asking questions and answers to identify what their customers want to hear.

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