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Keys to management and motivation for salespeople according to Pilar Punzano

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Keys to management and motivation for salespeople according to Pilar Punzano

The management and motivation of sellers The human being, in general, and if he is a seller in particular, usually has his sights set on the shortest term and on the results that occur within the sales cycle of the product or service. Working in this dynamic, we measure success, failure, happiness, and unhappiness and, consequently, we are motivated by what happens, when it happens. We are not aware of the need for the processes that lead to the closing of the sale and, more importantly, the relevance of all the information that these processes generate.

The seller feels powerful when he has sold and weak when he does not. Life, profession, sales, the stock market, the economy, relationships etc. they have cycles. Keys to management and motivation for salespeople according to Polar Panza If you look at a stock market chart on a day that has fallen, you are struck by a true fatalistic feeling that calls you to panic.

If you look at it for a month, everything seems more logical or different, and if you look at it for 5 years, you end up discovering that, like everything, it has ups and downs, and that, in the end, everything is part of the cyclical pattern. And the critical thing is to get information Mexico Phone Number List  on these cycles that allow us to anticipate possible changes in trends. Those who achieve a global vision, relativity and are able to understand that good and bad are simply the heads and tails of the same coin, but that the strategic thing is to have the coin under control, they are the ones who, doing the same , suffer less, and this leads to personal and professional success.

Keys for sellers The potential of people is the basis of the growth of companies. Tenacity, enthusiasm and commitment can turn the darkest perspectives upside down. Today the greatest asset of companies is motivation, the key to team energy and excellent results. Motivation facilitates the management of incentives, prizes and benefits obtained by the best, based on a clear statement of the objectives of each one and putting the levers and incentives necessary to achieve the objectives at hand.

Customers are not just looking for products and services, they are looking for solutions to their problems. If a client wants to limit himself to buying a product or service, he currently has an infinity of offline and online distribution channels where he can easily acquire them without having to go through the hands of a seller. So why are salespeople being sought, and if possible salespeople who are experts in the product or service. Well, for something so simple, but at the same time fundamental that it is the completely personalized solution to the problem you want to solve. And that, no search engine, or portal, manages to contribute it.

Today, doing business means facing big changes and a highly competitive and demanding environment. In the midst of so much uncertainty, the gift of consistency not only gives your client one less thing to think about; what it provides is a haven in the midst of madness.Attention is very important for sellers since it is not just answering the phone. It is the attention to details, it is the attention to future needs, it is the attention to where you can help your client. Your attention tells clients that they are truly important in your life.

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