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Knowing How To Listen: The Barrier In Sales And Success In Life

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Knowing How To Listen: The Barrier In Sales And Success In Life

We all sell something at every moment of life, and whenever there is an unsatisfactory result there is a factor that explains it: the inability to listen. The ear is possibly the most inefficiently used organ in mankind. The sight, the tongue, the taste, the smell itself and of course the touch, deserve greater consideration and are better used.

In the case of the professional salesperson, not knowing how to listen is a drama, for the rest of the mortals it is a functional disability. Unlike the other senses, the ear is the instrument that has the greatest reach in social interaction. It allows you to get to know other people in depth and avoid judgments and misinterpretations. Sight only captures appearances and superficial realities (especially if it is not part of contemplation), smell is limited to certain stimuli, touch corresponds to greater intimacy, and language completely cancels the possibility of listening.

Successful people in their relationship with others are those who know how to listen. There the indispensable empathy is developed that guarantees the results that are sought in an interaction. Know how to listen Knowing how to listen generates power. The reason is simple. It is a matter of information and knowledge. When the appropriate questions are asked and listened to, the elements that need to be known emerge. And information is, from every point of view, power.

As the “Strategist” of all time would certify, knowing the enemy’s dispositions, the theater of operations and the state of one’s own resources, guarantees the success of any operation, no matter how adverse the circumstances may be.Now, it is not only about enemies, but also about like-minded people, clients, colleagues and people you love. Knowing what they think and feel is the product of knowing how to listen. A different and much better world lies behind the possibility of universally activating this sense.

“Enemies of the ear”
Listening with interest and open mind dilutes the ego. And this is the most important enemy that everyone has. The ego is authoritarian and overbearing. He feels self-sufficient and calculates that he is always right. Who masters the arts of hearing alters the prejudices of theĀ  Albania Phone Number List ego and broadens the discernment. The tongue is the other enemy of the ear. One of great hierarchy. When you speak, you don’t listen well, and when you talk too much, you don’t hear anything.Teachers have taught since ancient times that man has two ears and one mouth to hear twice and speak half. But arithmetic advantage does not help much to overcome this difficulty. Few people listen to others more than they listen to themselves.

However, there are people who have a passive character and therefore tend to hear more than they speak, but these considerations do not refer to them. Lacking the ability to express oneself appropriately is another problem, and thus being resigned to listening is of no benefit.

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Knowing How To Listen: The Barrier In Sales And Success In Life

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