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LinkedIn for content marketing: why and how to do it?

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LinkedIn for content marketing: why and how to do it?

Millions of professionals have found LinkedIn an ideal platform to build personal business relationships. Thousands of companies have also seen an excellent link to find the best talents … but have you thought about their potential to create awareness , connections and potential customers? Have you thought about Linkedin for content marketing? The truth is about a quality little exploited … and therefore, a huge opportunity.Despite these numbers, many companies and people have abandoned their presence on Linkedin, wasting one of the tools with the greatest potential of this social network: the creation of content on Linkedin , especially in its long form format.According to MarketingProfs , LinkedIn originally introduced long article publishing functionality in 2012 for a few specific influencers . They could write articles of thousands of words, with additional features like incorporating images, formatting options, and the ability to interact with users who commented on the content. After a few years, LinkedIn made this functionality available to its entire community.

At this very moment you could make use of it, simply with a click on your personal Linkedin profile.Corporate pages CANNOT publish long-form articles, but they CAN share those that have been created by their collaborators. So whether you have a personal profile or a business account, you have the opportunity to take Algeria Phone Number List advantage of LinkedIn for content marketing .The publication of relevant content within LinkedIn constitutes an excellent opportunity for brand building, awareness and improvement of corporate reputation , both for professionals and for the organizations that share it.Through content, and taking advantage of the publications of their collaborators , brands can reach new audiences and strengthen their relationship with existing ones.The collaborators of an organization are a reliable and human source of information for corporate networks. When an internet user assumes himself as a collaborator of a company or brand and engages in a peer-to-peer conversation with another user, this user is much more receptive and assertive than if he spoke with the company directly.

The why is simple: your interlocutor has a unique name, face and reputation, free from the coldness and doubts that are generally associated with brands. It is from there that authentic conversations can be generated.A simple example of this can be seen with Needed . The company focused on Digital Transformation. Week by week they develop webinars in a clear content marketing tactic .

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To spread them, they take advantage of Linkedin and of course, their teachers and collaborators, recognizing them publicly. The brand knows that great companies are made up of extraordinary Doctors Email List talents and that the success of its team is also that of its organization.Most proprietary channels have a specific audience and often a sales-focused goal. But what about the great stories of the company culture? What about those actions that do not seek to sell but promote connections or reputation? What about endomarketing efforts to strengthen recruitment? Or show to customers how smart your solutions are, outside of the traditional list of product features in e-commerce?There are stories worth telling, like McDonald’s, which during the pandemic have developed downloadable materials for house parties.

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